When Should You Call a Professional for AC Repair?

Living in the heat of Jacksonville, Florida can often require extra measures to keep your AC in working order. Florida natives know that having your air conditioning breakdown is a catastrophe, especially in the sweltering summer. There are a few guidelines that homeowners can follow at home before they call a professional to take care of the extensive problems. Understand when you should call an AC repair technician.

Do-It-Yourself Methods That Work:

Changing out your air filters after a quick trip to your local hardware store is an easy at-home maintenance strategy. When you see that your filter isn’t working to its fullest potential because of blockage, switch it up for a new one so you can start breathing fresh air again.

Keep the area around the outside and inside the unit as clean as possible. Prevent anything from blocking the flow of air inside your residential or commercial property by cutting the grass or shrubs, and dusting away the dirt that collects inside.

Be conservative with your use of air conditioning. When you aren’t using another living space within your home, it would be wise to turn up the heat a bit, so your unit doesn’t have to work as hard the areas that are being consistently cooled.

When to Call a Professional:

an ac repair technician taking care of an ac unit

The number one tip to remember when searching for a professional AC repair company is to schedule your maintenance services annually. If you’re looking to avoid a substantial service, this routine is crucial in extending the longevity of your system.

Refrigerant leakage is an issue that often arises that cannot be easily remedied by adding more into the system. A trained professional will fix the leak, test it after a repair, and charge up the system with the right amount of refrigerant. A technician will match the charge with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Electrical work is tricky with anything but in an air conditioning unit; fuses will need to be replaced, circuit breakers will fault, among other things. If any of those things happen, give Waychoff’s AC a call so we can get you and your air conditioning back on the right track.

Why Waychoff’s AC?

Before any of our services are performed, we let you know the cost upfront. Expertly trained technicians will make a world of a difference when customers are looking for effective AC repair services. One of the perks of choosing Waychoff’s AC is our 24-hour emergency air conditioning services. We know that part of providing outstanding customer service is assuring our customers that we are ready to help them our day or night, regardless of their concerns. We are always striving to give our clients the best possible experience every time they give us a call.

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