How to Clean Air Conditioner Vents

How to Clean Air Conditioner Vents

The best part about learning how to clean your vents is reducing dust and saving money. When your air vents are clean, you’ll see the need to dust decrease, and the air you breathe is noticeably cleaner. These benefits will be most crucial to people with allergies. Waychoff’s AC aims to provide guidelines from experts so that clients can feel confident in the air quality of their home.

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Tools You’ll Need:

  • Vacuum – If you can afford it, acquire a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, and if you can’t provide it, a conventional one will do the job just fine.
  • How To Clean Air Conditioner Vents Screwdriver – A Philips screwdriver should be good enough to loosen the fasteners.
  • Brush – Preferably a stiff-bristled brush like a plunger is best to clean inside.
  • Paper Towels or Cleaning Cloth – Before placing a new filter, you’ll need to unclog any dirt and dust that collects inside.

Basic Guidelines:

  1. Power – First and foremost, you should turn off the power that is connected to the heating and air conditioning unit.
  2. Cover Registers – To avoid the spreading of dirt and dust to the rest of your home, covering the vents before performing a thorough cleaning is a vital pre-step.
  3. Vacuum – With a hose long enough to reach far, this is where the real work begins to take place. Reach down as far as you can, into every nook and cranny to leave nothing untouched.
  4. Spot Check – With the cleaning cloth, go back over the areas (as far as you can) that you vacuumed to ensure that they’re clear of everything. You may pick up small amounts of dirt that the vacuum couldn’t.
  5. Replace the Filter – Once you’ve guaranteed that everything is cleaned out and fresh, put a new, high-quality filter in, and change it accordingly to avoid buildup again.

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