Keeping Your Home Cool During the Summer

When the summer hits, the temperatures go up, and this is especially true in our home, the sunshine state. Heat and humidity levels skyrocket, and we are accosted by a constant stream of uncomfortable weather patterns. This gives us very few locations of refuge from the weather, the pinnacle of them being our home. Now, this presents us with a bit of a problem, as turning your A/C down much lower than usual to keep your house as the comfort level that you are used to might present you with some financial issues that you are not a fan of. Let us take you through a few tips and ideas on how to keep your house cool during the summer.

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Regular Professional Maintenance

You want to make sure your unit is up and running to the best of its abilities. This will mean you should have an HVAC professional out and conducting standard maintenance on it to avoid any unforeseeable incidents where significant repairs would be needed.

Cover Your House

Utilizing your yard’s trees, you can have them landscaped in a specific manner to make sure your house is shaded. This will help prevent much of the direct UV rays from hitting your home. Though your house’s exterior stops much of these rays, some can still creep in through these barriers.

Thermostat Settings

Make sure you are mindful of its setting; specifically, how low it is programmed to. Being that we are located in Florida, the highest most of us would even consider setting the thermostat to is 74, you may want to consider setting it higher when you are not home. This will help offset the amount of energy used to keep you fresh, and not lead to your discomfort, seeing as how you will not be home.

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Ceiling Fans

The fan’s ability to move the fresh air in your house around quicker and make sure you always feel the cool air touching you.

Waychoff’s AC

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