Heater Repair Services

Providing heating repair services all over Northeast Florida.

Professional Heater Repair Technicians

Even in Florida, having properly working heating is essential to a happy and comfortable home. When your heater breaks down or isn’t running as efficiently as you need it to, call the professional heater repair technicians at Waychoff’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our experienced technicians are NATE-certified so you get the best quality service every time. With same-day service, you can get your heater repaired fast from our experts. 

Get exceptional heater repair services in Jacksonville, St. Johns, and Ponte Vedra Beach. We offer heater repair and heater tune-up services designed to make your life easier. 

Heaters we service

No matter the type of heater your home has, we can help repair it to maximize efficiency and restore your comfort.

Our high-quality heating services include: 

  • Heater tune-up
  • Heat pump repair
  • Water heater repair
  • HVAC repair
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Quality Replacement and Installation

Sometimes your heater is past the point of repair. When the best course of action for getting your heater functioning properly again is to get a new heater, Waychoff’s can provide quality replacement and installation services. Our technicians will provide you with a complete evaluation before determining whether repair or replacement is the right choice for you. We make getting a new heater or heat pump replacement simple.

Emergency Residential and Commercial Services

If your heater goes out in the evening, over a weekend, or on a holiday, you should be able to call an expert HVAC technician who can restore your heat. Waychoff’s technicians provide 24/7 emergency services. Our trucks are loaded with the parts and equipment to handle almost any heating problem. Through our superior diagnostic tools and techniques, we can find the source of your heater’s problem and find the solution that fits your budget and needs.  

Expert Technicians For All Your Heater Needs

Since 2001, Waychoff’s has been providing outstanding AC and heating repair services to the Jacksonville, St. Johns, and Ponte Vedra Beach communities. We never charge overtime fees and you’ll always know the price before we begin any work. 

Our professional technicians are experts in their field and continuously develop skills and new ways of servicing heaters. We pass down that knowledge to you so you always get the most advanced service. Since 2001, we have been fixing Florida heaters right the first time and getting homeowners and business owners alike back to living and working comfortably. 

Expert technicians are ready and available 24/7 to help you with heater repair services. Call now at (904) 674-6814.

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