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24/7 Emergency AC Repair Service IN JACKSONVILLE, FL

In the middle of a hot, sunny Florida day, air conditioning is vital to your overall well-being. However, sometimes you deal with older air conditioning units, and the AC goes out. This is why having an emergency AC repair team is extremely important, especially in the Jacksonville area. 

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What Is an AC Emergency?

An AC emergency is where your air conditioning unit requires immediate attention. For example, the HVAC system might have poor indoor air quality and can threaten the safety of you and others inside and outside the home of your building. Not only that, but the equipment inside the structure is also at risk of breaking. 

Another example is when the temperature is scorching outside, and the AC unit goes out. In this instance, the temperatures would rise in your home, causing your living environment to be uninhabitable. In that case, it is essential to contact our AC services to ensure you get the help you need. 

6 Signs You Need an Emergency AC Repair

Air conditioning systems can come with many issues, so looking for the tell-tale signs that something is wrong is important. It is essential to know what problems require emergencies and what issues might require regular service calls. Here, we discuss signs for when you need an emergency AC repair in Jacksonville. They are as follows:

1. Strange Odors

One of the first ways to determine if you need an emergency repair is by the strange odors you might smell. For example, sometimes, you might smell gas or oil in the air. Also, sometimes fluid might leak out, which is a clear tell-tale sign that something is off. 

If you find any weird odors and live in an apartment complex or a specific building, it is essential to contact someone before something more serious occurs. 

One key thing to know is that ultraviolet (UV) lamps can help eliminate microbial growth and odors in your AC unit. This will also enable the machine to run at its finest, helping it last much longer. 

2. Poor Airflow

If your air conditioner has a broken motor, clogged air filter, or something more serious, it can cause the airflow to run poorly and not as efficiently as it should. Another example is if something is inside your home’s ductwork or the ductwork is broken somehow. In that case, it is imperative to fix it as it prevents airflow from adequately passing through. 

Suppose you have insufficient airflow. In that case, many people recommend investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. These ventilators put fresh air into your home or building by removing the stale air. It also ensures you get the correct cooling power and airflow while benefitting from zoning systems. 

3. Strange Noises

If you have a newer air conditioner, it creates a low-level noise. However, a bad AC unit will make a loud and unusual noise, making your cooling system more significant problems than it should. 

These noises include but are not limited to loud buzzing, rattling, or even grinding or whistling. However, it is imperative to contact us as we have professional tools to deal with the situation. We will provide an AC tune-up or help replace your overall system if need be. 

4. AC is Blowing Warm Air 

If your AC unit blows warm air, the first thing you need to check on is your thermostat. Sometimes your children or someone else might have accidentally been messing around with it. 

Other times, it might be an issue where it is a cool day in the morning, but it warms up as the day progresses. In that case, check if your thermostat is set to cool and set it lower than your home’s current temperature.

However, your vent might still be blowing warm air. In that case, other issues might be electrical, low refrigerant, clogging, compressor, or coil malfunction. Overall, your home’s air conditioning might need careful calibration, which is where we come in to handle the job for you.

5. Water Leaks

Condensation is normal with air conditioning units as it brings out the warm air from your home. However, it should never leak, especially inside your home. 

If you notice any active leakage or puddles of water forming, your cooling system is not working properly. In this case, it is essential to contact us immediately to ensure your home does not get structural issues or other water damage. 

6. Higher Electricity Bills

Suppose you notice your electric bill randomly shot up to the roof (metaphorically.) In this case, it would be considered an emergency repair, as some electrical issues could occur, causing a potential fire. 

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For an emergency AC Repair near me, contact Waychoff’s professional team. We are open 24/7 and can make quick appointments to ensure you get exemplary service. We are an award-winning AC company that fixes issues on time and on budget. 

Not only this, but we pride ourselves on being able to install new systems tomorrow instead of weeks and months from now. 

No matter what problem occurs, you can pay upfront with no surprise pricing. With our money-back guarantee policy on AC tune-ups, we will credit you the cost for any refunds or repairs you need. Lastly, Waychoff’s technicians are certified and background checked, so you can trust what we offer.

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Emergency AC Repair Service

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