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Air Conditioning Services in Jacksonville, FL

Living in Jacksonville, FL means air conditioning is essential throughout the year. When your AC malfunctions, it can feel like a crisis. At Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, we understand the urgency of escaping the sweltering Florida heat and humidity. That’s why we provide a range of top-quality air conditioning services, carried out by our skilled technicians who can handle any type of AC system, regardless of the make or model.

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AC Repair Services

As a Lennox AC dealer, Waychoff’s Air Conditioning specializes in Lennox air conditioners. However, we don’t just provide repair services for Lennox systems. Our NATE-certified technicians have over two decades of experience servicing all makes and models of air conditioners. Their extensive knowledge and expertise enable them to tackle any AC repair problem you’re facing.

Plus, we understand that AC emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24/7 availability, so we can quickly respond to your needs whenever you need us.

AC Installation Services

Due to Florida’s significantly hotter climate compared to the rest of the country, using the same air conditioning setup as in New York can be ineffective. At Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, we believe a custom AC installation is a solution to combat Florida’s extreme heat.
Our installation services involve our consultants working closely with you to determine the best AC system for your property, considering factors such as Florida’s humid and salty air. This results in a tailor-made AC system that’s built to withstand the test of time and provide effective cooling for your home or business.

AC Maintenance Services

AC repair and installation services can be costly. That’s why we recommend getting AC maintenance services at least once yearly. Our AC maintenance services test every aspect of your air conditioning system. Specifically, we inspect the following parts:

  • Proper Voltage
  • Blower Motor
  • Heat Strip
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Condenser Fan Motor for Proper Operation
  • Relays and Capacitors
  • Appropriate AMP Draw on Compressor and Fan Motors
  • Refrigerant Pressures
  • Coil Temperatures
  • System in Cooling/Heating

Regular AC inspections catch problems early, saving you money and preventing major issues. Schedule a quick check-up before summer to avoid breakdowns and ensure efficient operation.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Residential Air Conditioning Services in Jacksonville, FL

Are AC repairs causing your wallet to become lighter? Don’t waste your time and money on contractors who do not have the expertise in dealing with your air conditioning needs. Waychoff’s residential AC services are reasonably priced and highly effective. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we excel at providing accurate solutions for your air conditioning needs. We provide one of the best indoor air qualityair duct cleaning services, and AC repair in Jacksonville, Florida.

At Waychoff’s, we understand how frustrated you feel when the air-conditioning system malfunctions. In such cases, you can rely on Waychoff’s AC to diagnose and repair any kind of damage or system problems. We resolve problems related to ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), and heating in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our Residential AC Services:

Benefits of Residential Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning is a necessity in Florida. If you don’t schedule regular maintenance, you could be overworking your machine and your energy bill. Many hidden problems can cause your air conditioning to be overworked.

  • Dirty, debris-filled ducts and vents can cause your motor to overwork itself, increasing wattage spent.
  • Obstructed runoff can cause the machine to be flooded and turned off.
  • Frozen compressors can cause the machine to keep working when no cold air is being produced.

Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Services

While you may not feel you require AC services, certain signs may indicate otherwise. Keep an eye out for indicators such as:

  • Unpleasant Smell
  • High Utility Bills
  • Leaks
  • Uneven Cooling

Unpleasant odors may indicate the growth of mold caused by water condensation in your AC system. High utility bills may signal an overworked unit that’s struggling to produce sufficient cold air.

Leaks in your ductwork can cause uneven cooling and inadequate air dispersion. While some of these issues may only require a simple repair, others may necessitate a complete replacement of your AC unit.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it may be time to consider a new air conditioner.

High-Quality Air Conditioning Services By Waychoff’s Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL

Waychoff’s Air Conditioning sets itself apart from the competition in several ways. Firstly, we offer upfront pricing, unlike some companies that give a quote and hike up the price mid-job. Additionally, we believe in providing only what you need and won’t try to upsell unnecessary systems or upgrades. Our certified and insured technicians carry parts with them to complete most repairs on the spot. Finally, we offer flexible, 24-hour service to ensure we can accommodate any AC crisis you may have. Contact us today for all your air conditioning needs. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 1-904-454-8261

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