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Ductless Mini Split Repair & Installation IN JACKSONVILLE, FL

Not sure where to book a ductless mini split repair or installation in Jacksonville, Florida? Look no further than Waychoff’s Air Conditioning. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, our licensed HVAC technicians are equipped with the tools and technology needed to provide expert service. When you’re in need of a mini-split heat pump or AC repair, our team of professional HVAC contractors has you covered.

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What Is a Mini Split?

A mini-split is a ductless air conditioner that heats and cools small spaces via zone control. By providing both warm and cool air, mini-splits allow you to avoid investing in separate A/C and furnace units. You also don’t have to install air ducts throughout your home, as mini-splits can easily be installed in whatever rooms you need them.

How It Works

Much like traditional A/C systems, mini-splits cool your home by moving indoor heat outside. Unlike traditional A/C systems, mini-splits can blow cool air from up to six separate air handlers. Mini-split heat pumps are a good choice when ductwork is not feasible.

4 Benefits of Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Now that you know what a mini-split is and how it works, you might still be wondering why it’s worth installing one in your home. Take a look at the top four benefits a ductless mini split system repair can offer for residential heating and cooling.

1. Optimal Efficiency

Government-supported research suggests that homes with forced-air heating and cooling systems lose 20 to 30 percent of the total air produced because of ductwork. Since each mini-split system produces warm and cool air at its source, less air is lost in the circulation process. This makes mini-splits more energy-efficient than traditional A/C systems.

2. Improved Air Quality

A central HVAC system contains one air filter in a single indoor location. This filter can quickly become clogged with dust and debris and require a replacement, and professional duct cleaning services can interrupt your day. Mini-split systems contain individual air filters at each unit for easy replacement. We recommend replacing the air filters every one to three months.

3. Maximum Cost Savings

When your home is equipped with a mini-split system, you don’t have to worry about paying a high price tag for home heating and cooling. A mini-split can get the same job done as a traditional furnace or A/C system with four times the efficiency. Although mini-splits cost more upfront, the long-term energy savings they offer are well worth the initial investment.

4. Dehumidifying Capabilities

Mini-splits have a special mode called “reheat dehumidification.” When you set your mini-split to this mode, there’s no need to turn the air on to remove humidity. These versatile HVAC systems maintain your desired temperature while removing humidity from the air.

How Mini Splits Compare to Central A/C

Mini-Splits vs. Central A/C

Mini-Split Advantages
  • Better control over the temperature of individual zones
  • Less energy loss
  • Can heat your home up to four times more efficiently than a furnace or baseboard heater
  • Can dehumidify your home without cooling it
  • Delivers cleaner indoor air 
Central A/C Advantages
  • Lower upfront cost  
  • Less electrical work required
  • Less obtrusive aesthetic 

Expert Ductless Mini Split Repair & Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re looking for reliable mini-split repair and installation services in Jacksonville, Florida, Waychoff’s has you covered. All you have to do is schedule the service you need, and our team will take care of the rest.

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