Improving Indoor Air Quality

The air quality of our household is paramount, and poor air quality can have adverse effects on the air’s smell, and lead to the growth of airborne allergens and irritants within your house. With that in mind, there are a few ways that you can improve your home’s air quality.

5 Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Clean Those Floors

an image showing How to Improve Indoor Air QualityAs we all know, our floors can get quite dirty quite quickly, and it is from this messy conglomeration that many homebound odors do arise. With this in mind, cleaning your floors will significantly increase the quality of your home’s air. You can treat these problems in typical floor-based cleaning methods, vacuuming any carpet or rugs you have, sweeping up dirt and dander collected on the floor, and mopping it up afterward. This is not to say that not cleaning the rest of your house is unnecessary in improving air quality, but instead, use your floors as a starting point for air cleanliness in your home.

Keep a Healthy Humidity Level

Mold and mites thrive in moisture, so it is essential to monitor and keep your home’s humidity level low, best to keep it around 30-50%. A dehumidifier will do the trick but also be wary of any leaky pipes, roof-based leaks, wet material left to sit (Like clothes or towels), and any moisture that might accumulate form you’re A/C.


Trying to get the smell of tobacco out of a house, be it walls, curtains, or carpeting is near impossible. Add this to the scent circulated throughout the home and adding to the pungent odor existing in your house. For better air quality, switching away from smoking inside can aid your air quality.

Get a Plant, or Twoa plant in a vase

Plants are natural air filters, taking in carbon dioxide and producing fresh oxygen. They also filter out toxins and pollutants present in the air, leading to fresher air overall.

Natural Smell

The most obvious way to eliminate odors from negatively is keeping up with any natural odor problems that can arise from you. General personal cleanliness can go a far way to the smell of your house.

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