5 Ways Attic Insulation Can Lower Your Cooling Bills

5 Ways Attic Insulation Can Lower Your Cooling Bills

Reducing your cooling bills without compromising your comfort is essential. Attic insulation is crucial when you want to keep your energy bills low. This involves insulating your roof or attic with protective interior cladding such as glass, phenolic foam, or rock wool. Attic insulation will help reduce the overall heat transfer and prevent unwanted heat loss or heat gain. Here are some ways through which attic insulation can lower your cooling bills:

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Prevent Unwanted Heat Loss

Insulation remains an effective way to improve your attic’s energy efficiency and prevent heat loss. The protective interior cladding will help trap heat in the building and prevent heat from escaping. Hence, your HVAC systems won’t have to work overtime.

Prevent Unwanted Heat Gain

Just like heat can escape through your roof and attic, it can also enter your building through here. However, insulating with protective interior cladding will prevent unwanted heat from entering the home. Thus, your cooling or heating systems won’t have to work longer to achieve the right temperature.

Keep Temperature Constant

Furthermore, how well your attic is able to retain or release heat affects your entire house. Depending on the season, your attic insulation will help maintain an ideal temperature in your home. Thus, reducing your energy costs.

Reduce Air Leaks

Unfortunately, about 30% of conditioned air escape through tiny holes and leaks in your roof, along the roofline, and AC ductwork. Attic insulation provides additional padding, which helps reduce air leaks, thus, reducing cooling costs.

Keep Your Home Cooler

Finally, proper attic insulation can help keep your living space cooler for longer hours. It reduces the heat flow and prevents heat passage into your home. With reduced heat flow, your home will remain cool for a longer period. Thus, reducing the energy required to keep your living space cool.

There you have it! Above are some ways attic insulation can help lower your cooling bills. A lot of heat is lost through the roof and attic. Insulating your attic with a protective interior cladding will help reduce the amount of heat loss, thus, reducing your energy cost. Waychoff’s Air Conditioning offers quality workmanship and outstanding heating and cooling services. Call us today to get a quote for your attic insulation needs. We guarantee quality and prompt services.