Will Air Conditioning Make You Sick?

Man Sitting at Computer SneezingSometimes people do wonder if an air conditioning is the one making them sick, or if the air conditioning unit is actually doing more harm than good. However, it is essential to know that air conditioning units are highly beneficial to us (especially to those who have asthma and other allergies). They do not cause sickness directly in any way, though they may interact with our environment in ways that could make you sick. Our environment is one of the contributing factors to our sickness.  Here are some ways in which the air conditioning could make you sick:

The AC Temperature Is Set Too Low

While air conditioning is recommended for people with allergies and asthma, in some people, air conditioning may lead to health problems or sickness. If the temperature of your AC unit is set too low, it may often lead to a cold, stuffy nose and weak feeling around your body, especially if you have spent a lot of time in the room or office space.

Bad Air Filters

Keeping the air filters of your AC unit clean is very important, to avoid any sickness. If your air conditioning makes you sick, you may have dirty and grimy filters. If your filters are very dirty and unchanged, it may affect the free flow of clean air around your home, while the dust and mold are circulated instead, which often makes you sick.

Improper Maintenance

If your AC unit is not maintained properly, with the necessary service and timely maintenance, it may cause serious health risks, and it can be frustrating. The air duct and vents might have been collecting a lot of dust in, which are then blown into the air you breathe in. Consider regular maintenance of the AC unit, thorough cleaning, filter change, and get the air duct and vents professionally cleaned.

There you have it! Above are some of the ways through which your air conditioning unit can make you sick. With adequate AC maintenance, you can prevent various health-related issues caused by the air conditioning system.

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