Can Air Conditioning Cause Sinus Problems?

Air Conditioning - Mini split on wallAir conditioning units are great inventions, and impressive devices, they help greatly during the hot summer period. A real lifesaver, keeping people cool and comfortable. They help in humidifying the home, filtering out humidity and allergens like dust, mold, and other pollutants. Many people do imagine why or if this invention that is so beneficial to us can cause sinus problems. Can air conditioning cause sinus problems? Unfortunately, Yes!  They can cause sinus problems.  However, here’s a look at the various ways in which they can cause sinus problems:

Too Cold Air

Of course, we may have all noticed this, what the bitter cold of winter does to the body when you step out during winter. A very cold room triggers runny nose the same way going outside after being in a warm place after some time does.  When the air in your home is too cold, the air triggers the membrane in the nasal passage to produce more mucus as a result of the sudden blast of cold air. Excess drain and more mucus cause sinuses congestion.

Improper Maintenance

Mold, dust, and pollen around your home can have a very bad effect on your health, including your sinuses. If the Ac unit is not maintained regularly and adequately, mold and dust start to build up in the ducts, filters, coils, of the AC unit. Which are then blown into your home, causing a lot of allergies and sinus congestion.

Recycled Air

If you have a dirty filter, mold, or bacteria around your home, this may have been contributing to the sinus problems. Typically, when AC recycles the air in your home, the air that is blown into your home through the ducts are normally pulled back into the filter, the filter then filters and cool, and blows it right back into your home. If all these pollutants are being recycled, they pose a risk and may wreak havoc on your sinuses.

There you have it! Above are some of the ways that air conditioning systems can cause sinus problems. Sinus problems often occur when your AC unit blows too cold air or recycled air. It can also occur as a result of improve AC maintenance. Hence, with regular AC maintenance or service, you can prevent any of these.

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