What Is the Best Temperature to Run My AC Unit During the Fall?

Fall leaves on treeUndoubtedly, your AC unit is most useful to you during the summer. As the blistering heat of the summer goes away, the nights become cooler. Though it can be evident at this point that fall is already upon us, shutting off the air conditioner is not the best thing to do. During the day, it is still possible for the temperature to get to an uncomfortable level and your AC unit will still be helpful. It is important, however, that you understand how to use it during the fall.

While proper AC maintenance will help enhance the lifespan of your machine, using it the right way at all times of the year will also be very helpful. During the fall, you need to keep your thermostat closer to the outside temperature.

Setting the temperature between 70 – 74 degrees is okay. This will keep your home comfortable during the fall without increasing your energy bill significantly or affecting the performance of your AC unit in any way. Shutting it completely off, on the other hand, will make the machine to work harder when you turn it back on, and this will undermine your AC in some ways, and can increase the chances of the machine needing AC service.

If your AC unit has a smart thermostat, running it at the right temperature during the fall will not be a big issue. When you set it at the right temperature, it can automatically shut off the unit when your home reaches a certain desirable temperature. This will not only save you some money in energy bill but will equally help protect your air conditioning system and prevent unnecessary AC repair.

There is no need to quickly shut off your AC unit during the fall. Using it the right way is essential and you should definitely call experts for AC maintenance when there is need for that. At Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to providing air conditioning services including installation, repairs, and service. Get in touch with us today to get a quote for your AC needs. We offer affordable and quality services. An amazing experience awaits you.

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