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Should I Turn Off My AC When I’m Not At Home?

Should I Turn Off My AC When I’m Not At Home?

The question as to whether you should turn off your AC when you’re not home is as much of a big deal now as it was when AC units originally were introduced on a residential scale, and while you might ask, “Should I leave my AC on all day,” the answer is typically yes. Still, the reason for this boils down to several factors we’ll address later.

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Is It Bad For Your Unit to Turn Off The AC?

While it isn’t necessarily bad to turn off the AC, you are putting yourself at more risk for specific internal components of it to break down because several of the smaller parts that allow your AC to turn off or on are only used in that initial process, meaning they are idle throughout the rest of your usage, so subjecting them to constant use can cause your AC to short-cycle.

The risk of this short-cycling is increased every time you subject your unit to this, so the best thing you could do to avoid the issue cropping up entirely would be to leave your system on all day at a slightly higher temperature or install a programmable smart thermostat to handle the entire process for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Off Your AC When Not Home

Suppose you ask yourself, “Should I turn off my AC when I leave the house?” In that case, it is unwise to do so. 

Turning your AC off puts the more minor parts at risk of breaking, or becoming damaged, mainly if used regularly. The better alternative is to have your unit running constantly because hotter areas would mean you come home to a blistering house and lose the dehumidifying effects you gain by having your system on throughout the day. Just turn your unit up higher to get more cold air when you return home to save yourself a hassle.

Living in higher temperature areas, or ones that have higher humidity, can dramatically affect your evening and overall lifestyle if you have to come home to a house that isn’t comfortable, especially if you’ve had a stressful day at work, coming home to the nightmare of a boiling house and broken AC is something no one should experience.

Turn Your AC Up If You’re Leaving For a Day

Setting your home’s temperature between 75 and 85 degrees will allow you to have some temperature regulation while you are gone and give you the benefit of not taking hours to cool your home down when you return. 

This minor change will take immense pressure off your system and save you money in the long run, sometimes reducing your cooling costs by up to 10% when utilized effectively. Turning the AC up before leaving also has a few other surprising benefits, like preventing certain electronics from becoming damaged over time due to excessive heat exposure and keeping your animals happy and healthy regardless of the weather.

Install A Programmable Smart Thermostat

Alternatively, if the fire-and-forget method isn’t quite your speed and you want something a little more modern or controllable, installing a smart thermostat will give you all the efficiency of keeping your AC on and always having the perfect temperature set for you; certain brands will either learn your schedule and favorite settings or can be chosen on the fly.

A simple investment here can make all the difference when it comes to really enjoying that gust of cool air when you open the door to come home, and being welcomed to one less problem to deal with, setting the pace for a relaxing evening, and having a kitchen that isn’t going to scorch you when you need to make lunch or dinner, depending on your schedule.

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