Can A Faulty Thermostat Damage Your AC?

Can A Faulty Thermostat Damage Your AC?A functional thermostat is considered a critical part of an air conditioning system. Since a thermostat pretty much sits in plain sight, many do not give it much thought.  But a faulty thermostat can lead to a lot of frustration.

In addition to making it very difficult to control home temperature, a faulty thermostat can also affect cooling and heating systems negatively. People often wonder if a faulty thermostat can damage their air conditioners. The honest answer is yes, a faulty thermostat can damage an AC.

How a Faulty Thermostat can Damage an AC

It is important to start by explaining that not every thermostat problem will lead to damage to the air conditioner. Some thermostat issues will only lead to a disconnection to the AC. In this case, it is almost impossible for the AC to get damaged.

In a case of mis-calibration in the thermostat, the chances are high that it will lead to a short-cycling AC. A short cycling AC does not complete the cooling cycle because the thermostat has erroneously assumed that it has reached its target temperature.

Short Cycling will make the compressor start, shut off abruptly, and then turn back on soon. The repeated process can put a lot of stress on the compressor, which is probably the most valuable part of the air conditioner. The stress will also extend to the motors of the unit, making them burn out eventually.

Another thermostat issue that can cause damage to the AC is when there is a failure in the connecting wires. This can cause the AC’s fan to run non-stop. The problem will place severe stress on the fan motor and eventually burn it out.


A faulty thermostat can damage an air conditioner if it is not fixed in time. Once you notice an issue with your thermostat, call in the right technicians to fix it immediately. This will not only restore the full function of your AC system but will prevent further damages that can be very expensive to fix.

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