How Coil Corrosion Can Affect Your AC

How Coil Corrosion Can Affect Your AC

Modern air conditioners are built to last. They are equipped with modern features that can protect them from several things, but some risks cannot be eliminated. Corrosion is one such problem that can reduce the lifespan of your AC. Corrosion along the evaporator and condenser coil is responsible for as much as 40% of AC system failures.

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Early detection of corrosion on any part of your AC and rendering the right treatment can save you a lot of money. We will discuss the issue a little more to help you notice the problem in time and deal with it the right way.

How Coil Corrosion Can Affect Your AC

A good portion of your AC is made of metal, and metal is susceptible to corrosion. Again, the outdoor unit of your AC is exposed to the elements, and moisture is one of the major causes of coil corrosion. While the AC cabinet can help to protect the important parts, water can seep through the grills and enter the parts that are protected from direct exposure.

Another major contributing factor to corrosion in ACs is formaldehyde, which is present in most homes and very difficult to control. Formaldehyde can cause a reaction in copper, leading to a type of corrosion called formicary corrosion. This type of corrosion creates weak patches along copper and is the leading cause of refrigerant leaks in air conditioners.

Another surprising cause of corrosion in ACs is dog urine. Yes, dog urine is highly corrosive and can cause fast damage to your outdoor AC unit coil.

The Effect of Coil Corrosion on AC Units

The major effect of corrosion in air conditioners is refrigerant leaks. Once the copper of refrigerant coils is eroded, the high-pressure chemical called refrigerant begins to leak. A drop in refrigerant level puts the entire AC unit in jeopardy.

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It is almost impossible to completely shield an AC unit from coil corrosion. You just need to be vigilant to spot the problem immediately after it starts. It is also important that you call in the technicians to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Taking care of the problem means replacing the coils, especially if the AC is less than ten years old.

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