6 Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

AC Air Filtration in Jacksonville FLYour AC equipment provides ways to reduce air emissions and enhance indoor air quality. Obviously, given so many dangers of indoor air quality, it makes sense to use whatever resources you can to boost your re-circulated air. The following are six ways that will help you reduce indoor air pollution in your home.

Preventing indoor air emissions with effective airflow architecture

A well-built ventilation system eliminates indoor air emissions by delivering fresh air, regulating odors, and reduce pollutants. For starters, exhaust fans may help remove pollutants from industrial operations and chemicals or other products.

During some stages, airflow may be increased by relocating intakes, shifting duct work, or incorporating other AC systems.

Using VRF to monitor humidity (and temperature)

Indoor humidity may increase the concentration of certain indoor air pollutants. High humidity, for example, leaves the air and surfaces damp. And it increases the risk of mold production.

As part of the indoor air quality check, you should use a humidity scale to see whether the humidity in the building is at a safe level — between 30% and 50%. Consider the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) device, which is a zoned AC technology, to sustain a strong, constant degree of humidity and temperature.  The VRF HVAC device senses the particular specifications of each zone in a building and sends the exact amount of heating/cooling needed. Consequently, every room area is reliably comfortable with well-controlled humidity with no hot or cold spots.

Explore the choice of HEPA filter

TechPure MAC FilterAlthough regular air conditioners do not kill pathogens, these routine filters also play an important function. They shield your AC equipment from dust and debris to keep it working.

One choice is high-quality particulate air (HEPA) filters intended to minimize indoor air emissions by capturing 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, and smoke particles. The filters are measured using the minimum efficiency report value (MERV) scale; the higher the amount, the better the filter ‘s capacity to remove particles of various sizes.

HEPA filters are approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and their capacity to eliminate infectious contaminants. But, since HEPA filters limit air movement, most AC systems need a retrofit to accommodate HEPA.

Clean the duct work to raise indoor air pollution

Whatever fine debris circulates in the atmosphere of your building can wind up collecting in the duct work. And that will have a huge effect on indoor air quality. Anything in the duct work will end up in the air you breathe. A simple inspection can tell you whether dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, or other airborne materials are being built. Such pollutants may lead to health problems, particularly for people with asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems.

Getting qualified and accredited technicians to clean clogged ducts always increase air quality. It also tends to improve the performance of the AC system and avoid breakdowns.

Contact a mold remediation expert

By the time you know that you have mold in your air ducts, the epidemic may already be widespread. This is a health condition that triggers signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, sore nose, itchy eyes, and asthma. If your duct work has become infested with mold, it is important to contact the AC specialist for remediation ASAP. Professionals have the appropriate materials to extract the mold properly and the equipment required to safeguard themselves, the AC machine, and the house from the mold and the cleaning cycle.

Keep on top of air quality with regular maintenance.

Since the air you breathe inside is filtered by the AC system, routine qualified system checks and tune-ups are necessary for good indoor air quality. Investing in regular AC repairs, periodic pipe monitoring, and cleaning, allow you to track and remove sources of indoor air pollution. It often helps ensure that your AC device operates properly for continuous convenience, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

If you need more ways that will help you reduce indoor air pollution in your home, get in touch with the expert AC repair and AC maintenance technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today. You can trust them for a seamless replacement and installation at pocket-friendly prices.

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