5 Things to Consider for Air Conditioning Replacement

Waychoff's New AC Equipment GalleryAre you thinking about changing the air conditioning this summer? Don’t make the error of just installing an updated variant of the air conditioning device you’ve got. Particularly for a residential air conditioning system, it is important to consider how your conditions and needs have changed. And other considerations that might save you money and guarantee long-term success with the new cooling system.

You may decide the right option for you is a device that is larger or smaller. Or one that uses a different form of HVAC technology. Here are six questions to help you choose the best replacement air conditioning system.

Has your space been renovated?

Whether you attach room, subtract room, or re-configure the same area, it can impact the air conditioning load specifications. You may need a system with a different cooling capacity (big or smaller). When you have a ducted network, you would need to adjust the configuration of the ductwork.

Don’t let a building contractor pick the latest AC system focused purely on what you have today, because you may wind up feeling disappointed. If the power of your machine is too high, it can switch on and off constantly. And have difficulty extracting moisture. If it’s too low, it will run continuously and have difficulty cooling down the room. Instead, get the AC professional to assess your room, decide the right load criteria, and prescribe just what you need to install your air conditioning system.

Do you have poor comfort conditions?

Anything that makes your employees and customers uncomfortable hurts your business. Have you been living with inconsistent temperatures in your space, with some areas too hot while others too cold? And the level of humidity? What’s about leaks or excessive AC noise?

If so, you need to assess your room, and it is possible that you need AC design improvements or a specific style of the device.

For example, suppose you have a problem with intermittent cooling and too much humidity. In that case, you could profit from a VRF AC device (a modern technology developed to help handle such conditions). And you might need to install and change the ductwork.

Do you have air quality issues?

Many forms of industrial spaces could have damaged the environmental quality that places the inhabitants at risk. Below are but a few examples: business kitchens, processing and production plants, lounges and spas, dry cleaners. Even if your business is located next to another business that produces VOCs and other contaminants, your ventilation device can use toxins. If you are serious about air quality, you might want to find AC add-ons that can help boost air quality, such as:

  • AC air filtration systems designed to remove contaminants
  • Air purifiers that use Ultraviolet light to destroy molds, fungi, and viruses

Do you want to reduce your energy bills?

When you’re looking to reduce these expenses with a cheaper, more powerful air conditioning repair device, it’s wise to think carefully about the model you want.

Looking at the energy quality scores of the air conditioner is a perfect place to continue. Yet it would help if you do anything to get a new system that will save you time.

A VRF SYSTEM. VRF systems are optimized for energy conservation, as they operate at the same capacity needed by current conditions. By comparison, most conventional devices operate at just one speed: maximum blast speed. That’s why they sometimes turn on and off and generate sparks, not to mention a lot of noise. Besides, VRF systems can have both heating and cooling.


You may use easy, programmable thermostats and Wifi Controls or invest in building control systems depending on the scale of your business. Tuning these controls to optimum settings depending on your operating hours and occupancy will dramatically raise your bills.

Get in touch with the expert AC repair and AC Installation technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today for your air conditioning replacement. You can trust them for a seamless replacement and installation at pocket-friendly prices.

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