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Will a Programmable Thermostat Help My AC Unit During The Summer?

Will a Programmable Thermostat Help My AC Unit During The Summer?

Adjusting HeaterYour body has a lot of adjusting to do before you can get used to the summer. But your body isn’t the only thing that needs to adjust. Many homeowners have to constantly adjust their thermostat to match the fluctuating temperatures. If you’re one of them, it’s high time you considered investing in a programmable thermostat. Below are a few benefits of programmable thermostats:

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Save on Energy Bills

Programmable thermostats allow you t save on your energy bills without hurting your AC unit. Simply program the system to make your room warmer while you are away and cool it down just before getting back home. If you try to do this manually, you either sacrifice your convenience or overwork your AC unit.

Different Temperatures for Separate Rooms

Another advantage of programmable thermostats is that they allow homeowners set different rooms to different temperatures. As long as they are correctly installed, you can have a warm another cool room at the same time, without stress.

Safe for Your Health and the Environment

Many non-digital thermostats contain unhealthy amounts of mercury. Older thermostats are said to contain the highest amount of mercury found in household objects. Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, do not contain mercury and are thus safe for your health and the environment.

Optimal Cooling and Energy Efficiency

According to the department of energy, homeowners can save about 3% of their utility bills for every degree rise in temperature. If you’re still using a non-digital thermostat, you’ll have to pick between comfort and keeping your utility bill in check during the summer. With a programmable thermostat, however, you can enjoy the best of both sides once you discover the optimal setting.

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