Why It is Important to Change Your Filters Regularly

Why It is Important to Change Your Filters Regularly

Air filters are a vital part of a modern AC system, but are sometimes under-appreciated. It does not only flush out pieces of pollen and dust that would otherwise spread bad indoor air quality and house, they often provide the first line of protection from more solid objects, including loose isolation pieces, that could be hazards. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends routine filter maintenance to improve the capacity and output of your air conditioning system. Changing the air filter is an essential part of this maintenance process because if your lungs do not have an AC filter that works properly in your home, they act as an air filter. It is essential that the air filter is checked and maintained regularly to keep your home air filter up to date.

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Why is it essential to change the air filter frequently?

Prevent your AC system from damage.

A blocked air filter will damage your AC system extensively. But you can avoid this and help increase the durability of your device when you keep up to date on testing the condition of your air filter. Neglect is one of the leading causes of failure of heat and air conditioning systems, but routine AC maintenance can be easily avoided

Creating fresh, beautiful air.

Changing the air filter in your home makes the air cleaner, more relaxed, and more balanced. This is safer for everybody in your home, especially babies, the elderly, and especially allergies and asthma patients. A clean air filter will not regularly release dust, pollen, or other little particles into the air for those with allergies or asthma. It means Your machine will purify the air instead so that you can breathe comfortably and cleanly.

Save time and income.

Besides protecting your AC system against unnecessary damage, you can save considerable running costs when removing a blocked air filter. A dirty air filter uses a lot more energy than a fresh, clean air filter, meaning you have a much higher power bill. You could theoretically save up to 15 percent of energy costs by changing the air filter and keeping it clean and in good shape through routine maintenance.

Environmental protection.

If your air filter is not routinely cleaned and replaced, the system will ultimately fail. As described above, a blocked air filter means a more robust AC system that releases large quantities of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Running your home in an environmentally friendly way does not necessarily mean giving up all forms of convenience and ease in your life. Another way to make a difference can be as simple as changing the air filter regularly.

How often should you change the air filter?

Generally speaking, we recommend changing the air filters at least every few months. That hinges on your system and your environment, though. Some tend to change the air filters every few weeks because of the elevated levels of pollution pollutants.

Your best choice is to consult with your AC service provider, who will prescribe the right filters and the appropriate frequency depending on your working and use requirements. Get in touch with the expert AC repair and AC maintenance technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today to change your air filter regularly. You can trust them for seamless air filter replacement and duct cleaning services at pocket-friendly prices.