Tips To Know Whether to Replace or Repair Your AC Unit

Tips To Know Whether to Replace or Repair Your AC Unit

Generally, all AC units above ten years should be replaced with new systems featuring the latest technology, upgrades, and models. However, whether you should repair or replace the AC unit is a very common question homeowners often ask. To get the right answer, several factors must be considered.

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What’s more, constant maintenance is required for your cooling system to function efficiently. More so, homeowners are likely to need patch-ups and repairs for their AC during its lifespan. However, most times, it doesn’t matter how many preventative maintenance measures homeowners put into their AC system. There will surely come a time when repairs don’t get the job done. In such situations, replacing your air conditioning system may be the eventual option.

Simple Trick

Here’s a simple trick homeowners can use to know exactly what to do;

  • If the age of your AC system times the total cost of repairs is less than $5,000, fix the issue with your air conditioner.
  • However, if the age of your AC system multiplied by the total cost of repairs is above $5,000, consider replacing your AC unit.

Factors to Consider When Determining Whether to Replace or Repair Your AC System

Below are some of the factors homeowners should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace their AC unit:

Life Span

  • Homeowners should always consider the age and life span of their air conditioner. Age is an essential factor in knowing if you should repair or replace AC systems. AC units above ten years are recommended for replacement. Having an AC unit over ten years is usually not worth the stress of the cost of repairs.

Cooling Effectiveness

  • What’s more, if your cooling system is not functioning correctly, it most definitely would not cool your home effectively. One of the many signs of detecting inefficient cooling is when you notice some rooms in your house aren’t cooling to the required temperature. As stated earlier, old unit systems might have great difficulty cooling your entire household. When you realize some rooms are cooler than most, something is wrong with the air conditioning system. You may need to consider repairs or possible replacements.

Frequent Breakdowns

  • No homeowner would like an AC that continuously breaks down. It gets tiring repeatedly calling in technicians for repairs; the cost keeps adding up. Investing in a new system unit can not only save you the stress of frequent technician visits, but it also saves costs too.

Cost of Repairs

  • When you find yourself unable to decide between repairing and replacing the AC as a homeowner, think of what’s best as an investment. There is no doubt that every AC unit needs a frequent check-ups. However, check-up differs from repairs, and once the cost of repairs is over the roof, try a replacement, as it is the best option.

The benefits of having a functional AC unit are numerous. However, the most important is; better health. With this article, we hope you will be able to determine when to change or replace your AC unit to achieve all of its numerous advantages.

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