Frequently Asked Questions for Winter AC Maintenance

Amana Authorized DealerWhen it comes to ac installation and maintenance, it is understandable that homeowners have lots of questions. Everyone wants his/her ac to be working at top level during summer, but what about winter ac maintenance? Here are a few important questions people have about it:

Q: Is winter a good time to install AC?

A: Yes, winter can be a good time to install an AC. You don’t have to wait until summer before getting your home ready for the heat. Again, the winter is regarded as an offseason, meaning that ac install will be cheaper.

Q: Does the ac need maintenance during winter?

A: Yes, you need to maintain your ac unit always, and there is a need to protect the unit from the adverse weather condition the winter presents.

Q: When exactly is the best time for winter ac maintenance?

A: The best time for winter ac maintenance is just before the winter sets in. Don’t wait until it is already too cold. The maintenance is actually to protect your unit from the devastating effect of extreme cold.

Q: Can I always take care of my AC maintenance?

A: The simple and honest answer is no, you can’t always take care of your AC unit. No matter what you know about ac maintenance, it will be necessary to invite the experts during regular maintenance.

Q: How often should I schedule AC maintenance?

A: It is recommended that you get your AC units serviced at least twice a year. The two maintenance can be done just before the summer as well as just before winter.

Q: What is really done during winter ac maintenance?

A: The HVAC professional will perform a variety of tasks during scheduled ac maintenance. The important parts, like condenser coils and evaporator, will be inspected and cleaned. Refrigerant and other important components will be checked, also.

Q: What are the major benefits of professional AC maintenance?

A: Regular professional maintenance will prevent the breakdown of your ac units during cooling and off-seasons. It will also ensure that they operate optimally during the cooling season. Ac maintenance will also elongate the useful years of your AC units.

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