The Five Most Common Problems with Your AC

The Five Most Common Problems with Your AC

Is your Air Conditioner Not Running the Same Way?

Is your air conditioning unit not running the same way from when you first bought it? Besides the circumstantial wear and tear affecting your system, numerous things can adversely affect your air conditioner.

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To help you in diagnosing the problems before calling a professional, we have gathered a list of the most common problems for you to read.

Five Common Problems With Your AC Unit.

Bad Wiring

ac problemsOften one of the most common problems with an AC unit is bad wiring. If some of the cords will fray or come apart, then you are dealing with a system that is essentially bleeding out.

No Refrigerant

You can also spring a leak, and when this happens, you are stuck with a system that is either using too much or doesn’t have enough refrigerant to maintain it’s own cycle.

Problems with the Outside Fan

Sometimes you are dealing with problems with the outside fan. If there are obstructions or debris that are slowing the fan down, then your AC will not work.

Problems with the Outside

Similar to how the fan can slow down, the system itself can slow down and need fixing.

Frozen Coil

Waychoff's Team ready to help youIf you are experiencing a leak of refrigerant, it could be freezing your coil. If the coil freezes over, it cannot disperse the cold air fast enough. Eventually, it will slow down the HVAC’s system.

How to Fix the Problems with your Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner is being used every day and going through a lot of punishment in the process. Between the daily wear n tear, the environmental effect of wind and rain over time your unit will be going through a lot regularly.

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