Battling Diminishing Energy Efficiency

Battling Diminishing Energy Efficiency

Battling Diminishing Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings Waychoffs Air ConditioningHave you ever noticed and wondered why your energy bills start to take a gradual climb, even though you’ve done the most you could think of to have an energy efficient commercial building? Even the best power efficient buildings do not stay consistent with energy efficiency forever. Using less energy to provide the same service is the best result that is wanted. The solution to this problem is preventative HVAC maintenance, which can work wonders for any commercial buildings to gain the best energy efficient service.

Why Is My Commercial Building Losing Energy?

Any building owner or occupant should always take into account that any building starts to deteriorate from the moment it is born. This also includes installed HVAC equipment, known to take up more than 40% of total energy use. It is a significant downfall when HVAC equipment fails, which will sometimes double the energy usage. Maintenance is the key to preventing a higher than usual energy bill to maintain proper energy efficiency.

Lack Of Actionable Data

Another good tool to use in the battle against insufficient energy usage is by keeping a log of data for a reference for any problem that may occur or seem off when the next bill comes. Having documented records can save all sorts of problems in commercial buildings. It’s essential to keep records consistent to discover any dilemmas that may occur. A commercial property needs managing and restraint on the growth of energy consumption to keep a building in good health.

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Without the proper care, there is a risk of an enormous amount of 30% of energy. Building Automation Systems (BAS) were implemented for building owners to permit easy control over HVAC systems from a single point. These BAS systems were also meant for commercial property occupants to receive detailed reports on energy gain and loss. Without proper instruction on these complicated BAS structures, they go unused and serve as no help to the building at all. Another thing to watch out for is the potential harm of easy fixes. Make sure that anything fixed concludes in a professional manner. Otherwise, there could me more damage than good intent that can make energy bills soar.

High Turnover Rates and Inadequate Training

Properly trained staff is also a significant factor in maintaining energy efficiency. Trained staff can help out the most by keeping those cost effective ways to combat climate change, clean air that is upon the environment and the improvement of competitiveness within a business. The necessity of educating people about energy efficiency is at an all time demand. To expand upon the limitations of a building that can help take a heavy load of pressure away from maintenance staff. Shortening the maintenance staff can be harmful to energy efficiency as well, finding companies to be understaffed on the upkeep and overwhelmed with repetitive work in a vicious cycle. If there is too much work for staff and if things don’t move in a timely fashion, corrected or done at all, the system will fail.


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