8 Reasons Your AC Is Running but Not Cooling

8 Reasons Your AC Is Running but Not Cooling

It can be very frustrating when your AC is running but not cooling. Knowing the reason for the issue is the first step toward solving the problem. Here are 8 possible reasons you may be experiencing the problem:

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  1. Your Home May Have Too Many Air Leaks – a home that has too many leaks will let out lots of cool air, making it hard for the AC to cool the rooms.
  2. Your Air Ducts May Be Leaky – when your air ducts are leaky due to poor sealing or loss of insulation, the cool air that is generated will escape rapidly.
  3. Your Vents Are Closed Or Blocked – if you have clogged vents or you intentionally blocked vents for any reason, your home cannot be efficiently cooled even when the AC is running smoothly.
  4. Your Air Filters Are Dirty – your air filters have to be clean at all times for your AC to draw enough air to cool your home. If you have dirty air filters, the machine can’t cool efficiently.
  5. Your Outside AC Unit is Dirty ­– your outside AC unit (condenser) needs to be clean and free of debris in order to function properly. If it is dirty the efficiency of the machine will be affected.
  6. You Have A Faulty Or Broken Condenser Fan Motor – the condenser has a fan that helps it to dissipate the heat that is being removed from your indoor space. If the fan is faulty or broken, your AC will not be able to dissipate heat properly.
  7. Your AC is Low on Refrigerant – when your AC is low on refrigerant due to a leak, your AC unit will not be able to cool your home, especially during hot days.
  8. Your AC is Too Small for Your Home – when you are using a small AC unit for a room, it will be overworked without actually cooling the home the way you want.

There you have it! Above are some reasons that your AC unit may be running but not cooling. Professional AC repair services can always address the reasons mentioned above.

Being comfortable in your home is important so it can be frustrating when your AC unit isn’t providing you with cool, comfortable air – especially in a climate like Florida. If your AC is running but not cooling, call on our trusted experts at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today. We will provide a fast and effective fix to any issue with your AC unit. Within a short period, your air conditioning unit will start working optimally again. We guarantee you excellent services.