6 Common AC Problems and How to Avoid Them

Dirty AC FilterAir conditioning is essential during the summer and winter season, and the fact is that life can be so frustrating if your AC shut down at this critical period. Repairs can be expensive, and it is essential to avoid this unnecessary cost by keeping your AC system in perfect condition through regular maintenance. Read through this post to learn some of the problems associated with AC and the best ways to avoid them.


  • The Filter is one of the basic units in AC and can shut down an AC if it is dirty or clogged. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to change this component. You can determine if it needs to be cleaned by checking if any light reflects through it.


  • The thermostat regulates the temperature setting of the AC unit. Ensure that your thermostat is not affected by sun reflection, turned on, the inner compartment is clean, and is in the correct setting.

Refrigerant Leaks

  • Leakage of the coolant in the AC will cause it not to perform correctly. The leak’s location usually impacts the repair cost; thus, ensure that this component is checked yearly by a professional AC technician.


  • The drainage unit can be obstructed by lint, dust, and dirt. If it happens, the drain pan will accumulate, and water will come out of the system to damage the AC unit.

Fuses or Breakers

  • The fuses or breakers serve as a protective compartment of the AC system’s compressor or motor from overheating.


  • The motors of the AC won’t work if the capacitors are not active. The run capacitor helps keep the motor working while the start capacitor triggers the activation of the motor. The AC unit won’t work well if either shuts down completely.

If the problem persists, contact a certified AC technician like Waychoff’s Air Conditioning to fix these issues. Our experience team will inspect your cooling system and provide immediate fix. We guarantee quality and outstanding services.

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