5 Tips to Prepare Your AC Unit for a Hurricane

Prepare Your AC Unit for a HurricaneWhen it’s about time for hurricane, you’re always in a rush to make sure you prepare your home before it starts. While doing this, one item you shouldn’t forget is your AC unit. In case you don’t know how to go about doing this, below are tips on preparing your AC unit for a hurricane.

Cool Down Your Home Before It Starts

  • Having your home cooled down to a comfortable level would be really good before the hurricane arrives. To do this, you can close all the windows and doors, turn the thermostat down a few degrees lower than normal to cool your home.

Unplug Your AC

  • You don’t want to keep the plug of your AC in while a hurricane happens; that can be a terrible idea. The AC is a big investment, and power surges that come from lightning strikes during a hurricane can mean the end of the AC or an expensive AC repair after the hurricane.

Protect the Air Conditioning System

  • While you’re doing everything you can to protect the internal components of the AC by unplugging from the light source, don’t forget to protect the outside as well. You sure know how a hurricane works; the heavy storms and winds are no friends of things outside, consider using stuff like tarp or strong plywood to cover the unit.

Secure & Elevate

  • Hurricane is accompanied by high winds, heavy storms, and torrential rainfall, and you can secure your AC from these elements by using straps to stop it from moving during the storm. You can also consider moving the unit higher in case of flooding.

Routine AC Maintenance

  • Another good way you can have your AC prepared for a hurricane is to have it checked before the hurricane happens. The expert might even give you one or two tips on how to keep it safe when the storm comes.

There you go! Above are some tips to prepare your air conditioning unit for hurricane. As the hurricane season gets underway, it’s better to prepare everything in your home, including the AC, for its arrival. By following the above tips, you get to keep your home and your unit safe. Contact us today at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning for your AC repair, AC service, or AC maintenance. We guarantee brilliant and prompt services.


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