4 Ways to Get Your AC Unit Ready For Winter?

amana installationYou might probably be thinking that winter is still far off, but we suggest that you don’t wait till the first snowstorm hits the earth’s surface. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard by discovering that your cooling system has developed faults. Everyone is aware that proper maintenance is the key element to boosting the lifespan of any device, and the same applies to your AC unit. Thus, ensure that you follow these tips to get your AC unit ready for winter.

Consider Setting up Additional Insulation

  • Proper insulation is the best for your home; thus, consider hiring a professional HVAC technician to check your attic and fix what’s necessary. Also, you can do this yourself by checking weather strips on all windows and doors. A cold that enters via drafty windows and doors will affect the basement first, ensuring that you check these places when inspecting your home.

Clean the Cover of the AC

  • One of the essential things to do on a warm day is clean your AC unit and remove any bird droppings, dust, dirt, or debris. Make sure that you do this during the summer season so that the AC can dry completely. Also, remove leaves, sticks, or dead bugs around the base of the unit.

Cover Exposed Pipes

  • Covering up the exposed pipes is vital to avoid repairing the AC unit. You can buy foam pipes at any local store to cover up the exposed pipes. It is simple; install the covers on the pipes and attach them with duct tape.

Change Your Air Filters

  • An AC unit usually breaks down due to accumulated dust and dirt in the filtering system. Thus, check the air filter every month and replace it when you notice something amiss. Also, you can keep backup filters as a dirty filter can completely shut down at any time.

Applying these tips is a smart move to enable you to enjoy the winter season and stay cozy in your room without worrying about the cold.  Contact us today at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning for your professional AC repair or AC service. We offer quality, affordable, and excellent services.

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