3 Tips to Reduce Strain on Your Air Conditioner This Summer

Help My AC Unit During The SummerUsing an air conditioner becomes essential during the summer season. Air conditioners usually overwork themselves this period as a result of the hot weather. This over-working process places additional strain on your AC, increases the wear and tear on the air conditioner, reduces its life span, and reduces its efficiency. It can also increase your electricity bill and make you spend money on repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps that help you reduce strain on your AC. Here are tips to reduce strain on your AC this summer:

Raise Your Thermostat Settings

During summer, most people prefer to reduce their thermostat settings because of the hot weather. However, it’s better not to reduce the temperature because it can reduce the efficiency of the AC. The AC overworks itself and starts needing more repairs. Raising your thermostat settings one degree at a time can help you reduce your electricity bill by 2% to 3%. 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for your AC. So moving your thermostat settings from 72° to 78° can slash your electricity bill by 12% to 18%. It can reduce the wear and tear on your AC because it works with lesser strains. This practice can save you money in the long run.

Regularly Change Your Air Filters

Changing your air filters regularly saves you the stress of constant AC repairs. It prevents dust buildup that reduces its efficiency or makes it malfunction. Additionally, it allows airflow freely without straining the system. You can change your air filters once a month and save your money in the long run.

Use Other Ways To Cool Your Home

You can reduce strain on your AC by using other cooling methods in your home. Apart from AC, there are other ways to cool your homes like restricting sunlight from entering your home and using window AC units and fans. Fans may not change your indoor temperature, but they can increase the airflow that passes your body to make you feel comfortable. It’s easier to raise your thermostat when you use a fan in your home.

This summer, you can maintain the efficiency and lifespan of your AC by reducing strain on your AC with the tips above. Contact Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today for your professional AC repair and AC service.

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