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Solar Powered Air Conditioning: Fact or Fiction?

Solar energy is becoming the norm, and a lot of people want to go green to protect our future. With that said, the most common response to this information is “Where can I buy a solar powered AC?” The answer is very convoluted, but there are some answers out powered AC

Can I buy a Small Unit?

You can purchase and install solar powered window air conditioners. But as of right now, the market is not favorable to them or their pricing. The most popular ‘window’ air conditioner on the market that is solar powered is well above 2,000. Furthermore, it only comes with a 1-year warranty for parts only.

For someone wanting to make the transition to green energy in manageable steps, this is easily a process that can turn many away. That’s just not good for the industry.

The proper way to do Solar

The only proper way to jump into having solar power for your homes is to learn. Unfortunately, the next step in our power management will be a bit of a hurdle for most of us. But the fact is you have to learn how solar panels work because that is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

Instead of purchasing a solar powered, all-in-one air conditioner, you should purchase a solar panel and a regular wall A/C unit. By installing, or having it installed, you can redirect power to an outlet which will be solely solar. Then using the A/C in this unit effectively makes it a solar panel unit without the extra strain of being ripped off by all-in-one services.

On top of that, by making the educated and reinforced decision you are also able to manage it how you want. Instead of spending that amount on an all-in-one, you can have

Waychoff’s AC

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