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Your Refrigerant System’s Days Are Numbered

New actions by the EPA, has caused the production of R-22 (Freon) to slow-down and limit supply. (1) This has caused several problems with regard to the servicing of your Heating and cooling system. First of all, you will see the cost of refrigerant triple almost immediately and in most cases push consumers replacement. Second, you will be solicited by companies to gain access to the maintenance or service of your heating and cooling system. Additionally, your cost of ownership will increase drastically for an R-22 system. In a matter of days, a $300 repair will jump to a $900 repair, and for that reason, most people will start to think about upgrading to a Puron system, (R410A). There are some things that you can do to help guard against costly repairs.

The EPA may ease these rules, and in 6-8 months we could see the price of refrigerant start to come down again, but for now conclusive.

By: Leon Granger 1/23/2012


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