Why Variable-Speed Air Handlers?

amana air conditioner and heat pumpAir handlers are the indoor portions of your AC units or heat pumps. If you have upgraded your HVAC system recently, you might have heard about variable speed air handlers. These are indoor components that allow you to control the speed of air distribution from your heating and cooling systems.

Why are variable-speed air handlers preferable? Well, there are many reasons you should insist on this type of air handlers during AC installation, and we will discuss the most relevant ones below:

Energy Efficiency

Variable-speed air handlers have been confirmed to use far less energy than conventional single-speed cooling systems. Amana AVZC18 variable speed heat pump, for instance, is one of the best units you can install in your home as far as energy-efficiency is concerned. It will help you save so much on your energy bills and also help save the planet at the same time.

Enhanced Comfort

You will also enjoy more comfort when you choose and install a system with variable-speed air handlers. They adjust in real-time, according to the actual cooling demand of any indoor space. They will start slowly and then adjust progressively until the home is cooled evenly.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality is another important factor to consider when buying and installing a home cooling solution. If it is your priority, then you need to invest in a system that has variable-speed air handlers. They will keep the air circulating and prevent dust or moisture buildup, which can both affect indoor air quality.

Humidity Control

As hinted in the paragraph above, variable-speed air handlers can control humidity in your indoor space. The importance of this quality cannot be overemphasized. Humidity affects temperature and indoor air quality, and any system that controls it is preferable to anyone that does nothing about humidity.

Quiet Operation

One of the reasons people love the Amana AVZC18 is that it operates quietly. A quiet system will allow you to enjoy your home better, even as it keeps the temperature and humidity under control. Always insist on variable-speed air handlers because they are better in all relevant criteria.

There you have it! Above are some of the benefits of HVAC systems with variable-speed air handlers. Call Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today for your AC installation. We’re experts in installing Amana AC unit and other models. We promise to deliver quality and outstanding AC installation services that give 100% client satisfaction.

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