Why Does My AC Smell When it Runs?

My AC smellsPerceiving smell while your AC is running can be an uncomfortable thing. It is not only uncomfortable but can also be bad health-wise. Do you perceive a bad smell that seems to be getting worse when your AC comes on? It could mean different things. Let’s take a look at these smells and why they happen.

Mold on the Evaporator Coil & Fins

If you have mold on the evaporator coil and fins of your AC unit, then you might be perceiving a bad smell. Clouds of dust, moisture, dirt can accumulate on the evaporator coil, which causes mold. When this happens, the environment for mold to grow is set. Then when your AC comes on, the air passes over the evaporator coil and fins and then picks up the bad odors created by the mold, delivering it to your home.

Mildew on the Air Filter

Mildew on air filters can also cause a bad smell. When dust, hair, or moisture get onto your AC filter, and you don’t do regular cleaning, they’ll form mildew in the filter system. Mildew then causes musty odor anytime your AC comes up. To prevent this, ensure proper cleaning and replacement of the filter.

Does it Smell Like Feet?

If your Ac smell like stinky socks or feet, then you may have a dirty or clogged AC. This type of odor usually comes as a result of water that’s not properly drained. It gathers together and begins to smell.

Does Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Exhaust Fumes?

Sometimes you might perceive smell like that of exhaust fumes. When this happens, chances are fluids in the engine, and some other parts of your air conditioner may be leaking out already. To deal with fluid leaks, you should consider calling a professional for an AC service.

Some other smells that you may perceive are rotten eggs smell, which may be as a result of a gas leak, gun powder results smell, which may be the work of a burnt circuit board. Whatever smell you may perceive, consider calling a professional for an AC repair or service.

Do you perceive any foul odor or smell coming out of your air conditioning unit whenever it is running? Act fast by calling professional AC repair technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning. Masking the smell is never a good idea and things could get much worse if you ignore it.

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