What Is The Burning Smell When I Turn On The Heater?

What Is The Burning Smell When I Turn On The HeaterWhen the temperature gets too cold, it is normal for most of us to turn on the heater. Some do that immediately they feel the slightest hint of a chill in the air. It helps a lot to keep us comfortable and feeling great. But what happens when the heater produces a burning smell?

It is common in some homes – you turn on the heater, and the smell is just obvious and makes you uncomfortable. Understanding what is behind the smell is important so that you know how to react. Here are different smells and their major causes:

Normal Dust Burn-Off

This is a light burning smell that will start when you switch your heater on for the first time after a certain period. It starts immediately and dissipates relatively quickly. It is a normal burning smell that is caused by dust and dirt particles that settle inside the furnace and internal components.

Electrical, Metallic, or Plastic Smell

You will know you have a real issue when your heater is on persistently smells like electrical wires are burning. Most times, this type of smell starts after the heater has been on for a while. It is mostly a sign of an overheated blower motor. Your system should normally shut itself when it heats to a certain degree, but when there is an issue, it may continue and become overheated.

Sometimes, it can really be that there is electrical burning, and you need to turn the heater off immediately. If a foreign plastic object gets into the heating system, it can produce a plastic smell. It is also advised that you turn it off.

Musty Smell

This is normally caused by dirty air filters. If you have a musty smell problem and you know it has been a while since your heating system was serviced, calling in the experts is also necessary.

Rotten Eggs/Sulfur Smell

This is mostly due to gas leaks and other problems that could be dangerous. Even when a rotten egg smell is supposedly coming from your heater, turn it off immediately, leave the premises and call the gas company. Besides the regular burning dust smell, all other burning smells from your heater can be dangerous and deserve the attention of trained professionals.

There you have it! Above are the different types of burning smell you may perceive anytime you turn on your heater. If you notice any fault or burning smell coming from your heater, do not hesitate to call our experts at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning. We can provide a fast, efficient, and lasting solution to your various heating system issues. We guarantee quality and excellent services.

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