Ways to Prepare your AC for Spring

We are now on the cusp of Spring, meaning flowers will be blooming, home cleaning will be underway, and the beaches will be soon swarming with people. But where most states would be experiencing the season change with a joyous cheer. As the snow finally stops falling, we of Florida know this means something altogether more sinister. The heat is coming, and not just typical spring sunshine warmth, but rather the humid touch of Florida spring. It is now that we must all make sure our air conditioners are ready for the coming seasons, the next few months of spring, which lead to an all too familiar and dreaded beast, summer. Here are some tips to prepare your ac for spring, so it is ready to take on the expected temperature increase.

a/c unit and sprinklers

Spring Prep for your A/C

  • Do a Walk-Around- Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and do a little investigating of your a/c unit. This may result in you finding debris, such as leaves or sticks, forming around the unit. Be sure to clear those out. You may also find a nest of some critters using your unit as shelter. As the winter months in Florida may be somewhat benign compared to other states, but it still gets chilly for some small animals. If you find a nest of little animals, you should call your local wildlife helpers to come and relocate them.


  • Tune-Up- Have your unit looked over by a professional and see about getting a tune-up for it. You want to make sure all of the parts are up and rip raring to go. You do not want to have your unit take a nose dive in the middle of one of hotter months.


  • Clean your Filter- A clean filter will ensure you’re a/c unit is running efficiently. Depending on the type of filter you are using, this should be done every 1-3 months.


  • Check the Lines- Look over your coolant pipes, and make sure they are adequately insulated. Pipe insulation resembles a pool noodle wrapped around the tube.



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