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The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Ductwork and Units

Aside from the distinct factors that differ for residential and commercial HVAC ductwork, other factors come into play. They both serve the same purpose; however, the mechanisms are entirely incomparable depending on what’s needed from the machine. Aside from cooling a typical area in buildings, an air conditioner also lowers humidity and absorbs moisture to provide the most comfortable atmosphere.


Right off the bat, there’s no way that the commercial’s HVAC ductwork would ever fit in a home system because it’s too large. In the same breath, a residential system would be far too small to accommodate a commercial business/building appropriately. A commercial building will have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees occupying one area exerting heat. The units providing this area should reflect these conditions for the optimum pleasant environment.

hvac ductwork


In most cases, the unit that is installed for a home is located on the outside, whereas commercial buildings have their equipment located inside and in the ceiling. Aside from that, multiple thermostats will need to be installed to control all the units spanning across the commercial building. Within a residential home, one central thermostat can regulate the temp throughout the entire house from the in-house system or smartphone, if compatible.


Generally, the required maintenance for the HVAC systems in commercial buildings, it’s a higher cost and much more extensive because of its complexity. A commercial technician, or two, would be best to go out on the job and help those buildings keep their system working at an optimal level at all time.

The drainage for residential systems is a simple drip pan underneath the unit, whereas, a commercial AC will require a more intricate arrangement made up of multiple pipes and drip pans to keep the water from overflowing.

Waychoff’s AC

Our HVAC company centers around providing the best air conditioning services in Northern Florida. That includes informing clients about subtle differences in the systems they commonly see throughout their home or business. Although a commercial building will require more work to maintain, all the work is for the best interest of the needs and comfort of the company and customers. For more information on our company, please contact us today at (904) 204-3214.

How to Lower Your Utility Bill

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re looking for some ways to lower your utility bill wherever and however you can. There are a few tips and tricks that homeowners can do to ensure that your utility bill stays a reasonable cost as the seasons change. Your HVAC system can make or break the comfort level in your home, and the last thing you want is to have your utility bill increase for you to be content.

At-Home Tips

ways to lower your utility billsMaintenance Check – When the systems in your home are routinely monitored and maintained throughout the year, they are bound to stay in operation while visiting in pristine condition. Not only does this promote higher levels of productivity for your system, but it also prevents catastrophic damages that could result in more expenses and repairs down the line. Scheduling repairs in advance on a set schedule will keep the performance at an all-time high for an extended period.

Seal Checks – Air can seep through even the smallest of cracks, so checking to confirm that the seals along your windows and doors are secure is crucial. These discrepancies can go unnoticed for days, even months at a time possibly contributing to a higher electricity bill. Loss of cooling, especially in Florida, isn’t something you want to overlook within your home!

Insulation – Although we’re Florida natives and don’t experience harsh cold temperatures, we still experience a substantial amount of heat. If you have insulation already throughout, it may be time to consider extra protection. When those summer months roll around, and you’re cranking our air conditioning to keep us fresh, you can save energy and money with the right insulation installation.

Air Filter – As you go throughout your house and keep everything tidy, the key to minimizing the loss of air is consistently changing out the filter. This will help keep the HVAC working at its optimal level without any extra effort, unlike when there are dirt and dust buildup.

Manipulating the air conditioning units inside of your home will help professionals troubleshoot the issue once they know what’s already been done to remedy the problem. Simple practices that are easy to remember are going to be the key to keeping your air conditioning work at its optimal level without increasing your monthly utility bill.

How to Install a Compressor Sound Blanket

Although air conditioners efficiently cool down your house, some models have an extremely noisy compressor. If you’re continually being disturbed by your compressor noise, you should know how to install a compressor sound blanket. It’ll reduce your noise up to 40% or more without affecting the performance of the compressor.

Items Required:

Steps to Changing the Compressor Sound Blanket

  1. Safety First

Before commencing the installation, it’s important to take all necessary safety precautions, such as wearing protection over your eyes. You should also wear gloves, closed toed shoes, and full-covering clothes and make sure that your children and pets aren’t in the vicinity of the installation to prevent hazards.

  1. Removing the Out Panel

You should remove the side and corner screws first with the help of a screwdriver. Next, you should turn the access panel screws one-quarter using a straight slotted screwdriver. Your AC unit might have single or two access panels depending on the brand. You should remove them both in the same manner to expose the compressor of the group.

  1. Installing the Sound Blanket

Remove the compressor blanket from the packaging as safely as possible. Make sure you don’t put any force as it might damage the unit. Next, wrap the sound blanket over the compressor unit in a clockwise direction starting from the left side. Slide the wrap to the base of the compressor body.

  1. Securing the Sound Blanket

After wrapping around the compressor, you should line up the slots of the blanket along with the suction line of the compressor. Secure the cover with the Velcro tape and make sure there aren’t any gaps of lifts in the strip. It’s important that the seam is strong and unbroken from any side for longevity.

  1. Fortifying the Sound Blanket

You should also cover the square box (terminal box) with the sound blanket as it won’t affect the functionality of the compressor. Make sure that when you are rounding across the compressor body, the second Velcro seam should align with the first one that you attached. Also, align the top of the blanket with the discharge line and put the blanket flat over it.

You can repeat the same procedure for installation of the sound blanket on other compressors as well.

What You Should You Know Before Installing a UV Light in Your HVAC

If you didn’t already know, UV lights would provide a unique service to HVAC systems. They eliminate the mold and bacteria before it can reach the inside of your home living areas. UV lights also come in handy for when your coil may experience fungus growth over an extended period. UV lights in your HVAC system can make a world of a difference in your home’s atmosphere.

Which UV Light Do You Need?

Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong. Take into consideration the environment of your home, and make the best decision accordingly.

What You Should Know About UV Light For HVAC

Professional or Do-It-Yourself Installation?

Although there are HVAC manufacturers that are installing a UV light for air-purification, there will be instances where you’ll need to do it on your own or call a professional. Unless you know everything about UV lights and HVAC systems, it’ll be in your best interest to call a professional to ensure a successful installation.

With a quick phone call to Waychoff’s AC, one of our team members will gladly assist in this urgent task to ensure that our clients are consistently receiving the cleanest air possible. With poor placement, your UV light is at risk of becoming useless. In the right hands, however, you’ll be on your way to cleaner air in no time.

Waychoff’s AC

Our outstanding customer service has been the driving force for our company staying ahead of the competition. We know that our clients deserve to have a company that is reliable, reputable, and perform high-quality work with each task that is thrown in our direction. Waychoff’s AC provides upfront estimates, scheduled appointment times, and workmanship guarantees. With us, you can never go wrong; give us a call today at (904) 204-3214.

Keeping Your Home Cool During the Summer

When the summer hits, the temperatures go up, and this is especially true in our home, the sunshine state. Heat and humidity levels skyrocket, and we are accosted by a constant stream of uncomfortable weather patterns. This gives us very few locations of refuge from the weather, the pinnacle of them being our home. Now, this presents us with a bit of a problem, as turning your A/C down much lower than usual to keep your house as the comfort level that you are used to might present you with some financial issues that you are not a fan of. Let us take you through a few tips and ideas on how to keep your house cool during the summer.

an image of how to keep your house cool during the summer

Regular Professional Maintenance

You want to make sure your unit is up and running to the best of its abilities. This will mean you should have an HVAC professional out and conducting standard maintenance on it to avoid any unforeseeable incidents where significant repairs would be needed.

Cover Your House

Utilizing your yard’s trees, you can have them landscaped in a specific manner to make sure your house is shaded. This will help prevent much of the direct UV rays from hitting your home. Though your house’s exterior stops much of these rays, some can still creep in through these barriers.

Thermostat Settings

Make sure you are mindful of its setting; specifically, how low it is programmed to. Being that we are located in Florida, the highest most of us would even consider setting the thermostat to is 74, you may want to consider setting it higher when you are not home. This will help offset the amount of energy used to keep you fresh, and not lead to your discomfort, seeing as how you will not be home.

an AC thermostat

Ceiling Fans

The fan’s ability to move the fresh air in your house around quicker and make sure you always feel the cool air touching you.

Waychoff’s AC

If you’re worried about the air your breathing, call us today. If you would like to know more about purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Units or the progression of the solar movement regarding residential energy, be sure to give us a call today at 904.674.6814.



Improving Indoor Air Quality

The air quality of our household is paramount, and poor air quality can have adverse effects on the air’s smell, and lead to a growth of airborne allergens and irritants within your house. With that in mind, there are a few ways that you can improve your home’s air quality.

5 Steps to Improve Air Quality

Clean Those Floors

an image showing How to Improve Indoor Air QualityAs we all know, our floors can get quite dirty quite quickly, and it is from this messy conglomeration that many homebound odors do arise. With this in mind, cleaning your floors will significantly increase the quality of your home’s air. You can treat these problems in typical floor based cleaning methods, vacuuming any carpet or rugs you have, sweeping up dirt and dander collected on the floor, and mop it up afterward. This is not to say that not cleaning the rest of your house is unnecessary in improving air quality, but instead, use your floors as a starting point for air cleanliness in your home.

Keep a Healthy Humidity Level

Mold and mites thrive in moisture, so it is essential to monitor and keep your home’s humidity level low, best to keep it around 30-50%. A dehumidifier will do the trick but also be wary of any leaky pipes, roof-based leaks, wet material left to sit (Like clothes or towels), and any moisture that might accumulate form you’re A/C.


Trying to get the smell of tobacco out of a house, be it walls, curtains, or carpeting is near impossible. Add this to the scent circulated throughout the home and adding to the pungent odor existing in your house. For better air quality, switching away from smoking inside can aid your air quality.

Get a Plant, or Twoa plant in a vase

Plants are natural air filters, taking in carbon dioxide and producing fresh oxygen. They also filter out toxins and pollutants present in the air, leading to fresher air overall.

Natural Smell

The most obvious way to eliminate odors from negatively is keeping up with any natural odor problems that can arise from you. General personal cleanliness can go a far way to the smell of your house.

Waychoff’s AC

If you’re worried about the air your breathing, call us today. If you would like to know more about purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Units or the progression of the solar movement regarding residential energy, be sure to give us a call today at 904.674.6814.

How to Know if You Need A/C Repairs

Stop, Look, and Listen to Your A/C Unit

technician showing How to Know If You Need AC Repairs

When it comes to living in Florida, there are very few possessions one can have that are more valuable than a reliable A/C unit; making sure that our home is kept at that perfect temperature. But there comes a time when an issue arises and your unit goes down, and you are forced to deal with the heat and humidity of Florida is so well known. Now, this can occur out of nowhere, but more likely you will be notified of this pending issue by some important actions from your unit. Waychoff’s Air Conditioning is here to tell you how to know if you need AC repairs so that you do not have to go without air conditioning.

What’s that Sound?

Though your unit is not entirely silent as it runs, what does it mean if it is making much louder sounds while operating? If you find that it is either running louder than normal or if you hear loud noises coming from the unit, you may want to call in a professional to come and take a look at you’re A/C unit.

The Costs Keep Going Up

If your house is being kept at the same temperature, but have noticed a drastic increase in the cost of your electricity bill; this may have something to do with your unit not functioning at its optimum level.

Is it Hot in Here, or is It the Air?

Though your unit seems to be functioning correctly regarding the intake of air, you find there is a bit of an issue with the finished result. The air being produced is, in fact, warm, despite what you have the thermostat set. This could be as simple as your unit being dry of Freon, or even a leak in your ductwork. Whatever the case, we can come out, identify and fix the problem you are facing.

Waychoff’Technician showing how to fix your need AC repairss A/C

We would love to help you out, so call us today. If you’re worried about the air your breathing, call us today. If you would like to know more about purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Units or the progression of the solar movement regarding domestic energy, be sure to give us a call today at 904.674.6814.

How to Maintain your Air Conditioning Unit

Your A/C regulates the temperature and quality of air within your household. Without a functioning unit, your house would be unlivable. Another thing to take into consideration is that, as is the case with all pieces of mechanical equipment, maintenance is needed to keep your unit up and running more reliably. Let us give you some maintenance tips on how to maintain your air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioner Filters

Dirty air filter restricts the flow of cold air, Waychoff's is here to help

Everyone, at least once in their life, has had to change out, or clean an air filter on their A/C unit. It is vital that these purifies stay cleaned to allow for better airflow. With this, your unit will not have to strain to keep the airflow high and steady. A clean filter also means that the quality of the air circulating is even higher, indicating that dust, hair, and dander are not just being pushed around your house. Some filters are reusable, while others need to be replaced, make sure you know which kind your unit utilizes.

Condensate Drains

Due to the moisture and water flow of the drain build-ups and clogging can occur. To prevent this occasionally run a stiff wire through to alleviate this problem.

Air Conditioner Coils

Your unit’s evaporator and condenser coils will collect dirt as they are used. This polluting will be lessened by a fresh filter, but that does not mean the coils will never get too dirty to function. To avoid this problem, you should clean your coils yearly.

Coil Fins

AC Specialist fixing AC

These are the aluminum fins located on your unit’s coils, and are easily bent and can lead to a blockage of airflow through the coil. To fix this, purchase a tool called a “fin comb”; this will allow you to comb the fins back into their position.

Hire a Certified Professional

Bringing in a professional to inspect your unit is a lot like going to the doctors for a checkup, you are checking to see if there is anything that should be fixed before it leads to something much worse. The professional can examine and look for things that you may miss due to your lack of training.

Waychoff’s A/C

We would love to help you out, so call us today. If you’re worried about the air your breathing, call us today. If you would like to know more about purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Units or the progression of the solar movement regarding domestic energy, be sure to give us a call today at 904.674.6814.



Efficiently Cool Down your Home

We all rely on our central air conditioning unit to provide us with a comfortable living environment within our household. This, however, can be undermined by a less than efficient way of completing this task, as an inefficient cooling system will not be able to provide you with the necessary cooling output at a reasonable price. This problem becomes abundantly clear for those who reside in Florida. As anyone who has ever lived here in the summer can tell you, it gets quite hot. This cooling inconsistency will lead to more significant than necessary energy bills, and potential damage to the cooling unit itself. It is forced to work harder to cool your house efficiently. So, let us show you how to efficiently cool down your home.

Central Air

Outdoor unit

A window unit or a portable air conditioning unit may be a way of dealing with the heat momentarily, but it is far from the best fit for your house. Window units are never quite the right size, and portable groups can only do so much when it comes to cooling a room. Central air is more powerful and circulates throughout the entirety of the home.

Properly Sized Unit

You want to make sure that your unit is the correct size for your home. If the unit is too small, then it will be forced to operate at a more strenuous rate, and a group that is too large may, in turn, short the cycle, as it starts and stops so often that it wears down the components and lowers the unit’s efficiency. You want to Goldilocks it when it comes to an A/C unit; you have to get it right.

The SEER Rating

Efficient air conditioning units have a higher seasonal energy efficiency rating or SEER. That being said, the higher the SEER, the higher the price of the unit. But with a unit like this, your home’s internal temperature will be better regulated, and therefore, cost you less in the long run.Thermostat

Waychoff’s A/C

We would love to help you out, so call us today. If you’re worried about the air your breathing, call us today. If you would like to know more about purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Units or the progression of the solar movement regarding domestic energy, be sure to give us a call today at 904.674.6814.



Ways to Prepare your AC for Spring

We are now on the cusp of Spring, meaning flowers will be blooming, home cleaning will be underway, and the beaches will be soon swarming with people. But where most states would be experiencing the season change with a joyous cheer. As the snow finally stops falling, we of Florida know this means something altogether more sinister. The heat is coming, and not just typical spring sunshine warmth, but rather the humid touch of Florida spring. It is now that we must all make sure our air conditioners are ready for the coming seasons, the next few months of spring, which lead to an all too familiar and dreaded beast, summer. Here are some tips to prepare your ac for spring, so it is ready to take on the expected temperature increase.

a/c unit and sprinklers

Spring Prep for your A/C






Waychoff’s A/Cbest air conditioner units

We would love to help you out, so call us today. If you’re worried about the air your breathing, call us today. If you would like to know more about purchasing the Best Air Conditioner Units or the progression of the solar movement regarding residential energy, be sure to give us a call today at 904.674.6814.





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