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How to Clean Air Conditioner Vents

The best part about learning how to do clean your vents is reducing dust and saving money. When your air vents are clean, you’ll see the need to dust decrease, and the air you breathe is noticeably cleaner. These benefits will be most crucial to people with allergies. Waychoff’s AC aims to provide guidelines from experts so that clients can feel confident in the air quality of their home.

Tools You’ll Need:

Basic Guidelines:

  1. Power – First and foremost, you should turn off the power that is connected to the heating and air conditioning unit.
  2. Cover Registers – To avoid the spreading of dirt and dust to the rest of your home, covering the vents before performing a thorough cleaning is a vital pre-step.
  3. Vacuum – With a hose long enough to reach far, this is where the real work begins to take place. Reach down as far as you can, into every nook and cranny to leave nothing untouched.
  4. Spot Check – With the cleaning cloth, go back over the areas (as far as you can) that you vacuumed to ensure that they’re clear of everything. You may pick up small amounts of dirt that the vacuum couldn’t.
  5. Replace the Filter – Once you’ve guaranteed that everything is cleaned out and fresh, put a new, high-quality filter in, and change it accordingly to avoid buildup again.

Waychoff’s AC

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Cleaning your Air Duct

How Important is Cleaning Your Air Duct?

Often we will receive calls and questions about air conditioners. More specifically, about whether or not it is important to have your air conditioning unit cleaned. The most immediate answer that comes to our head is ‘of course you need it cleaned!’ But the problem with asking an air conditioning company if you should have your air duct cleaned is problematic. It is the same problem that happens when you ask a banker if you need a second saving account if there’s no evidence, it’s hard to believe it. So here’s the evidence as to why you need to have your air ducts cleaned. (more…)

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important?

An HVAC system is responsible for maintaining controlled temperature in a room. It gives out heated or cooled air in the room, according to the adjustment made by the user. The air duct is an essential part of HVAC equipment. It is a gateway from where the air from outside becomes passed inside and circulated throughout the room. Therefore, to ensure that it functions smoothly, cleaning it well is essential. Waychoff’s provides professional cleaning services for HVAC equipment in Jacksonville. Let’s understand the why is air duct cleaning important and what’s of this process.

Why must you clean air ducts?

Any dust or dirt accumulated on air ducts spread across the whole room. These dust particles contain air-borne bacteria which could adversely affect health. Dirty air ducts pollute air and also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC systems. To avoid all of these issues and maintain comfortable room temperature, cleaning air ducts is crucial.

Air conditioner duct cleaning provides you with cleaner air, free from dust, bacteria, fungi, pollen or mold spores. This cleanliness will protect you from allergy, irritation and other health hazards commonly caused by polluted air.

Cleaner air ducts will also enhance the longevity of your HVAC system. They will enable the unit to give efficient performance throughout its life period. The efficiency will also help the device to consume less power. Lower power consumption will eventually reduce your utility bills and save your money. Besides, cleaning air ducts regularly will also help you to save expenses on repair and replacement of the HVAC system.

What is Waychoff’s’ process of cleaning air ducts?

Our technicians are skilled at air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL. They will check every part of the HVAC system where air passes through. This includes the furnace, air coils and the central system. They will check the air ducts and clean them with a high-power vacuuming device to clear accumulated dust particles. The technicians will remove visible mold growth and also clean dirt or debris clogging the air filters. Finally, they will inspect every aspect of the air duct and ascertain that it is in perfect working order.

Our technicians ensure that your carpet and furniture is not left dirty because of the cleaning process. Trained to ensure the maintenance process does not damage the ducts or the HVAC system.

Contact us to get the best HVAC cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL today!

When to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

An air duct is a pathway that enables the inflow of air and circulates it to the entire encapsulated area. Effective air duct cleaning is essential for the HVAC system’s smooth functioning.

Air duct cleaning gives many benefits. In addition, it provides you with cleaner air and purifies the atmosphere of your home. This effectively prevents allergy, irritation or any other health hazards. Know when to get your air ducts cleaned and enable your unit to perform efficiently.

Best practices in air duct cleaning

Waychoff’s adopts the best techniques of air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, Fl. The process involves checking the ductwork, air handler or furnace fan and cleaning them properly with a high-power vacuuming device. Our skilled technicians will always ensure that your belongings are unaffected by the dust cleaning process.

When to clean the air ducts?

There are different occasions and reasons when you should get your ducts cleaned. Some of them are:

Signs of a good cleaner

To distinctly recognize a good cleaner, these are the signs you should look for:

You will recognize all of these signs with the skilled technicians provided by Waychoff’s. Contact Waychoff’s to get the best cleaning services in Jacksonville, Fl.

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