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Which AC Unit is the Best for Me?

Which AC Unit is the Best for MeAir conditioning units are vital for every home or office. They help keep your home cool and improve comfort. However, determining the best AC unit in your home or AC installation can be a huge problem. Below, we will take you through the available air conditioning option you may have. With this, you can determine the best air conditioning unit that can serve your cooling needs effectively.

Central Air Conditioning Unit

As the name implies, this conditioning unit operates from a big central compressor located outside the house. It works by pumping cool air through a ducted system into every room of the house Air flows through these ducts in the walls and flows out through vents placed around the house. It has great energy efficient ratings, although the installation is quite costly.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Instead of a centralized system for the house, ductless mini-split systems comprise a big, white box mounted on the wall of a room. It isn’t as costly as the central air, as it doesn’t need any ducts’ work. It is easier to install. Air blows directly into the room where the ductless system is placed, and you can easily control individual room temperature, unlike the central air.

Window Air Conditioners

If you’re a tenant with no centralized air conditioning unit, this may be the best choice for you. When you don’t have the option to make changes to your living space, then window air conditioners are your best bet. Easy to install, fitted by the window, and generally designed to cool small spaces.

Portable Air Conditioners

Though the least efficient of all the types of air conditioning units, however, it is still efficient up to some extent. It can be a good choice for you if you move around a lot, or your living space or office doesn’t have a window to put an air conditioner into. Convenient, easy to use, and doesn’t need any special form of installation.

When it comes to purchasing an AC unit for your home, there are several options to choose from. However, it is essential to know that the best one for you will be based on the above-discussed points. Other factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner include your budget, your home’s structure, energy efficiency, and so forth. Call our experts at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning to help you choose the best AC unit for your home and help with your AC installation. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

Why Should I Select an Amana Authorized Dealer?

Amana Authorized DealerIf you want to save yourself from unnecessary headaches, then you’d better reconsider your choice when selecting a dealer for your AC installation, repair, or service. Amana authorized dealers are always available to handle all your AC needs, including installation and repairs. These professionals undergo comprehensive training, possess special certifications and qualifications. We always guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Also, when it comes to anything regarding air conditioning systems, it’s better to go with the best choice and the most experienced hands possible. Bryant authorized dealers are just the best hands you need, from AC installation to AC service. Also, they can help with your AC repair needs. Let’s look at some reasons why you should select Amana authorized dealer as your dealer.

Tested and Trusted Knowledgeable Technicians

Bryant authorized dealers are known to be proven knowledgeable technicians who sure knows what they are doing at every point when it comes to AC and its services. Before an individual is designated as a FAD – Factory Authorized Dealer, then the individual must have shown and demonstrated superior knowledge in Amana products and systems. When you select a Amana authorized dealer, you would be getting top-notch service from a knowledgeable technician.

Guaranteed Results

One thing is getting results, another is having a guaranteed result. They are two different things. When you use the service of a Amana authorized dealer, you’ll get a guaranteed result on your AC, which means you’ll need fewer AC repairs in the future. Your AC unit stays strong and efficient.

Highly Professional Technicians

Bryant authorized dealers are not only knowledgeable, but they show a great deal of professionalism. Sometimes having the right knowledge is not enough, especially when it comes to delivering quality jobs consistently. When you go for a Amana authorized dealer, you’ll get a professional service worth and even more than your money.

Bryant authorized dealers are professionals that undergo rigorous training and have special certifications in this line of job. Above are some of the reasons why you need to use them. With us, you can be guaranteed 100% satisfaction. For more information about our AC services, contact us today at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning. We offer affordable, reliable, and detailed services. 

Will a Programmable Thermostat Help My AC Unit During The Fall?

Fall leaves on treeIf you’re not a fan of extreme weather conditions, the fall may just be your favorite time of the year. The falling temperature helps you forget the heat of the summer while not being too cold for comfort. More importantly, it’s that time of the year when you invite your AC repair technicians to ensure you can freely switch your HVAC system from cooling to heating. But do you need a programmable thermostat for your AC unit during the fall?

Adjust To the Unpredictability

Autumn’s temperatures have a knack for fluctuating unpredictably. It’s not uncommon to wake up to a chilly morning, only to discover that you’re feeling very uncomfortable without your AC in the afternoon. To survive the fall, you must prepare your HVAC system to adapt to a wide range of temperatures. There is no better way to do that than to upgrade your thermostat to a programmable model.

Heat or Cool When Appropriate

As mentioned earlier, the heating and cooling components of your HVAC system must be in perfect condition during the fall. To achieve maximum energy savings, set your thermostat to a higher temperature while you’re away and program it to bring the temperature down before you get home. You might need to follow the weather forecasts to set your thermostat during the fall.

Harness the Smart Component of Your Thermostat

Perhaps the weather forecast didn’t quite get the predictions right, smart thermostats allow you to change the temperature of your home from your phone. Whether the weather is warmer or cooler than predicted, you can instruct your thermostat to set your house at the desired temperature, at any desired time. Cool, isn’t it?

A programmable thermostat can help you keep your home comfortable while lowering your energy costs and reducing the need to have your AC serviced frequently. Installing one in your home may be the best AC maintenance decision you’ve made in a while. Call our experts at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning to help you install one today.

Will a Programmable Thermostat Help My AC Unit During The Summer?

Adjusting HeaterYour body has a lot of adjusting to do before you can get used to the summer. But your body isn’t the only thing that needs to adjust. Many homeowners have to constantly adjust their thermostat to match the fluctuating temperatures. If you’re one of them, it’s high time you considered investing in a programmable thermostat. Below are a few benefits of programmable thermostats:

Save on Energy Bills

Programmable thermostats allow you t save on your energy bills without hurting your AC unit. Simply program the system to make your room warmer while you are away and cool it down just before getting back home. If you try to do this manually, you either sacrifice your convenience or overwork your AC unit.

Different Temperatures for Separate Rooms

Another advantage of programmable thermostats is that they allow homeowners set different rooms to different temperatures. As long as they are correctly installed, you can have a warm another cool room at the same time, without stress.

Safe for Your Health and the Environment

Many non-digital thermostats contain unhealthy amounts of mercury. Older thermostats are said to contain the highest amount of mercury found in household objects. Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, do not contain mercury and are thus safe for your health and the environment.

Optimal Cooling and Energy Efficiency

According to the department of energy, homeowners can save about 3% of their utility bills for every degree rise in temperature. If you’re still using a non-digital thermostat, you’ll have to pick between comfort and keeping your utility bill in check during the summer. With a programmable thermostat, however, you can enjoy the best of both sides once you discover the optimal setting.

Do you wish to replace your old thermostat with a brand-new programmable alternative? Get in touch with the expert AC repair and AC maintenance technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today. You can trust them for a seamless replacement and installation at pocket-friendly prices.

Will a Programmable Thermostat Help My Energy Efficiency?

Adjusting HeaterProgrammable thermostats appear to be the latest trend in the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. As a homeowner, you might easily feel left out if you do not have one already. But do they really help save money? Or are they just another well-marketed fad that everyone would soon get over?

Yes, They Can Improve Energy Efficiency

energy-starThe consensus is that programmable thermostats have the potential to help you reduce your heating or cooling bills. However, they could also cost more if you do not use them appropriately. According to the Energy Star website reports that American homes utilize about 45% of their energy for heating and cooling. Here are some ways by which programmable thermostats can help you save energy:

Increased Efficiency

Standard thermostats are much more wasteful than programmable thermostats because it’s hard to tune them to the right temperature. Moreover, there is hardly ever a right temperature when it comes to heating or cooling your home. You’d need different temperatures for when you’re indoors or outdoors, and different temperatures for different rooms. A programmable thermostat can help you enjoy multiple temperature settings with ease.

Optimize Your HVAC System

Programmable thermostats help you bring the best out of your HVAC system, even if you’ve been using it for a while. The help you maintain fairly consistent temperatures, thereby reducing the workload on your AC. This can also, in turn, reduce the frequency of AC maintenance.

Maximize Zone Systems

This is especially useful for homes with multiple climate zones. Installing a programmable thermostat in such homes would help your energy efficiency because you get to set each climate zones in line with the needs of your family.

If you’re yet to have a programmable thermostat in your home, you’re missing out on potentially massive savings on your energy bills. Get in touch with our expert HVAC technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning and we’ll put you through on how you can install and how best to set your programmable thermostat.

Should I Worry About The New Freon Change?

AC Repair FreonThe New Year is almost upon us and we understand that there are many more exciting things to think about than the coolant in your AC. However, the EPA’s ban on Freon appears bent on spoiling your party. Although the ban has been preceded by a gradual phase-out, it is expected to take full effect on 1st January 2020. But who should be worried about the new Freon change and who shouldn’t?

When Was Your AC Unit Manufactured?

Before 1996, Freon or R-22 was the only coolant manufactured and sold in the United States. If your AC unit was purchased before then, you need to invite HVAC certified professionals to help assess your options.

If your AC unit was purchased between 1996 and 2010, your coolant would be either R-22 or the environmentally friendly R410A. If you bought your AC after 2010, however, there is a high chance it runs on R-410A or Puron.

How to Check If Your AC Is Using Freon

If you want to be certain about the kind of refrigerant your AC is using, you have the following options?

What to Do If Your AC Uses Freon

If your AC unit is using Freon, you’d need to retrofit or replace the unit. The coils of older air conditioners are usually compatible with R-410A refrigerant. You can invite our expert AC repair technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning to help you with the retrofitting.

If the unit is incompatible with R-410A refrigerant, you would need to change the compressors and some other parts of your AC before retrofitting. Alternatively, you can consider replacing the whole unit, especially if your AC is already 15 years old or more. Our technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning can help you carry out all the necessary AC repair and installation or AC service operations.

Will Air Conditioning Prevent Mold?

image of black mold on wallMolds are usually known to grow and thrive in an environment with heat and high humidity. There are many types of molds; unfortunately, this fungus likes growing at the same temperature range you’re likely to feel comfortable in. Exposure to mold is certainly not good for your health, as it can cause itchy or irritated eyes, coughing, skin irritation, stuffy nose, and so forth.  Will air conditioning prevent mold? Fortunately, the air conditioner can help in preventing mold in your home. Here are various ways in which it can help:


Well, molds thrive in a humid environment; they grow when the environment is too wet. When the water is removed, it’s the end of their life.  This primary function of an air conditioning is to dehumidify or dry this wet air to a cool dried air, which then prevents the growth of mold.

Consistent Air Flow

Stagnant air is another cause of mold in your home. But with consistent air flow, as it moves past the wet areas, the air helps to lift and remove moisture from this wet area, thereby preventing the growth of mold by the movement of fresh, clean air around.

Constant Running of the AC Unit

Maybe you are planning to travel, or you’re just leaving your home, and it’s going to take you a few days to get back. During high humidity and temperature, you should consider leaving your AC running, with the fan set to “On.” Though this might not be a friendly factor to your energy bills, however, when you look at the mold this will prevent, it’s really worth it.

UV Filter

UV filters are important especially if someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, ask your local AC repair specialist(Waychoff’s Air Conditioning) about a UV filter, when a UV filter is added to your AC system, it regulates mold spores and helps people with allergies and asthma, by destroying mold, and its spores.

There you have it! The above are some ways through which the air conditioning unit can help prevent mold in your home. Contact us today at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning if you need air conditioning repairs, installation, or service. We offer affordable and quality services.

Will Air Conditioning Make You Sick?

Man Sitting at Computer SneezingSometimes people do wonder if an air conditioning is the one making them sick, or if the air conditioning unit is actually doing more harm than good. However, it is essential to know that air conditioning units are highly beneficial to us (especially to those who have asthma and other allergies). They do not cause sickness directly in any way, though they may interact with our environment in ways that could make you sick. Our environment is one of the contributing factors to our sickness.  Here are some ways in which the air conditioning could make you sick:

The AC Temperature Is Set Too Low

While air conditioning is recommended for people with allergies and asthma, in some people, air conditioning may lead to health problems or sickness. If the temperature of your AC unit is set too low, it may often lead to a cold, stuffy nose and weak feeling around your body, especially if you have spent a lot of time in the room or office space.

Bad Air Filters

Keeping the air filters of your AC unit clean is very important, to avoid any sickness. If your air conditioning makes you sick, you may have dirty and grimy filters. If your filters are very dirty and unchanged, it may affect the free flow of clean air around your home, while the dust and mold are circulated instead, which often makes you sick.

Improper Maintenance

If your AC unit is not maintained properly, with the necessary service and timely maintenance, it may cause serious health risks, and it can be frustrating. The air duct and vents might have been collecting a lot of dust in, which are then blown into the air you breathe in. Consider regular maintenance of the AC unit, thorough cleaning, filter change, and get the air duct and vents professionally cleaned.

There you have it! Above are some of the ways through which your air conditioning unit can make you sick. With adequate AC maintenance, you can prevent various health-related issues caused by the air conditioning system.

At Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing air conditioning repairs, installation, or service. Contact us today to get a quote for your AC needs. We offer affordable and quality services. An amazing experience awaits you.

What Is The Best Temperature To Run My AC Unit During The Spring?

Spring flowers in bloom, AzaleasWhen spring sets in, it is recommended to set your AC temperature at 78°F. This temperature keeps you comfortable during the warmer climates, spring may not be as hot as the summer, but the warmness can still make you uncomfortable. The weather can be unpredictable during the spring, so it is always important to always keep up with the local news or forecast while adjusting the temperature when needed. So, what is the best temperature to run my AC unit during the spring? Just like any other season, the best temperature to run your AC can often depend on some specific period or factors:

During The Day Time

It is recommended to set your AC temperature to around 76 – 78°F while at home or during the day time. This temperature level gives you the optimal comfort that you need; you can as well add a ceiling fan to compliment the AC temperature level. This helps in suppressing the high consumption of energy.

Night Time

During spring, every degree raise in temperature of your thermostat corresponds to a one (1) degree change in your energy bills.  At night, you should lower your thermostat temperature level; the ideal temperature at night should be around 70 – 75°F. Though some people can actually sleep soundly in a warm room, and still be comfortable. So, if you can, you can tune up a bit.

Other Things to Consider

It is essential to know that an air conditioning unit that you take care of the one that will take care of you and your home. If there’s no proper maintenance of the AC, the temperature to run wouldn’t even make any difference. An AC unit that is serviced and repaired regularly keeps running at the different temperatures you set it, giving you and your home the best and optimal level of comfort.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help determine the best temperature to run your air conditioning(AC) unit during the spring period. At Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to providing air conditioning services including installation, repairs, and service. Get in touch with us today to get a quote for your AC Repair in Jacksonville FL needs. We offer affordable and quality services. An amazing experience awaits you.

Can Air Conditioning Cause Sinus Problems?

Air Conditioning - Mini split on wallAir conditioning units are great inventions, and impressive devices, they help greatly during the hot summer period. A real lifesaver, keeping people cool and comfortable. They help in humidifying the home, filtering out humidity and allergens like dust, mold, and other pollutants. Many people do imagine why or if this invention that is so beneficial to us can cause sinus problems. Can air conditioning cause sinus problems? Unfortunately, Yes!  They can cause sinus problems.  However, here’s a look at the various ways in which they can cause sinus problems:

Too Cold Air

Of course, we may have all noticed this, what the bitter cold of winter does to the body when you step out during winter. A very cold room triggers runny nose the same way going outside after being in a warm place after some time does.  When the air in your home is too cold, the air triggers the membrane in the nasal passage to produce more mucus as a result of the sudden blast of cold air. Excess drain and more mucus cause sinuses congestion.

Improper Maintenance

Mold, dust, and pollen around your home can have a very bad effect on your health, including your sinuses. If the Ac unit is not maintained regularly and adequately, mold and dust start to build up in the ducts, filters, coils, of the AC unit. Which are then blown into your home, causing a lot of allergies and sinus congestion.

Recycled Air

If you have a dirty filter, mold, or bacteria around your home, this may have been contributing to the sinus problems. Typically, when AC recycles the air in your home, the air that is blown into your home through the ducts are normally pulled back into the filter, the filter then filters and cool, and blows it right back into your home. If all these pollutants are being recycled, they pose a risk and may wreak havoc on your sinuses.

There you have it! Above are some of the ways that air conditioning systems can cause sinus problems. Sinus problems often occur when your AC unit blows too cold air or recycled air. It can also occur as a result of improve AC maintenance. Hence, with regular AC maintenance or service, you can prevent any of these.

Contact us today at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning for your AC maintenance or AC repair. We will create a personalized routine maintenance plan for your cooling unit. Our professional team will carry out adequate maintenance and service on your AC unit and replace necessary parts, as at when due. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

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