Bryant 226ANA – Dual Stage 16 SEER Heat Pump

Reliable Year-Round Comfort That's Also Cost-Effective


The Bryant Preferred 226 and its Dual Stage compressor gives homeowners the ability to control their humidity and achieve greater indoor comfort, all while reducing their energy consumption.  Oh, did we mention it’s WiFi?

5 star review

…”easily adjust the humidity and temperature using my phone, we’ve been very satisfied”

Carlos T.


Bryant has a history of doing whatever it takes to deliver trusted quality, comfort and value to millions of homeowners nationwide. Today, with rising consumer awareness of environmental issues, Bryant proudly offers an answer that eases those concerns while delivering solid, reliable comfort – the Model 226 Heat Pump with Puron® refrigerant. The Bryant Model 226 helps preserve the integrity of the Earth’s ozone layer by using Puron® refrigerant. It delivers reliable comfort at an economical 13 SEER cooling and up to 8 HSPF heating efficiency. And, with its Microtube™ Technology refrigeration system, the quiet, reliable scroll compressor, and our tough, DuraGuard™ protection package, it provides responsive comfort you can count on, year after year.

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Bryant Preferred 226 Two-Stage Heat Pump with Puron® Refrigerant

PURON® REFRIGERANT Bryant’s environmentally sound refrigerant keeps you cool without depleting the Earth’s ozone layer.

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Quiet Performance

Quiet Efficiency and Lasting Reliability

Relaxing in the comfort of your home is easy with the Model 226 because this is one quiet heat pump. Our 3-point AeroQuiet II™ design keeps operational sound to a minimum. Featuring our forward- swept fan blades, compressor sound blanket and split post compressor grommets, the Model 213B operates as low as 68 dBA. And when the electric bill arrives, you’ll still be happy because this heat pump saves money with its 15 SEER cooling and up to 8.5 HSPF heating performance. In addition, Bryant’s Model 226 delivers the peace of mind that comes with choosing a system designed, built and backed by a company known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. From initial design through product testing and an assembly process that includes our 5-step, 100% run test, we go beyond the industry’s expectations for quality and reliability to be sure that every unit we make measures up to even tougher standards – yours.

Feeling Good About Feeling Comfortable

When you choose the Model 226, you’re joining the growing ranks of homeowners who choose environmentally sound Puron® Refrigerant. It’s an important consideration because Freon®-22*, the refrigerant most commonly used in evaporator coils, is gradually being phased out of existence due to concern over the Earth’s ozone layer. In fact, manufacturers such as Bryant will no longer be able to manufacture Freon-22 products as of January, 2010. While these products may continue to be available as inventories last, costs to service heat pumps using Freon-22 may rise as supplies dwindle. By choosing the Model 226 with Puron refrigerant now, you are helping preserve the ozone layer while protecting yourself from potentially expensive service costs down the road.



Our scroll compressor is designed for use with Puron® refrigerant to provide quiet, smooth-operating comfort and years of environmentally sound, energy-efficient performance.


Bryant’s Microtube™ Technology refrigeration system with copper tube/aluminum fin coil maximizes transfer of heat outside your home to ensure energy efficiency. Coil materials and design minimize chances for rust and corrosion for lasting performance.


Pressure switches and the filter drier protect the unit’s most important single component: the compressor.


Bryant’s DuraGuard™ protection package ensures lasting durability and good looks through years of exposure to weather, sports and lawn equipment and more. Three key elements to this package include: galvanized steel cabinet, baked on powder paint and dense wire coil guard.

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