A Guide to Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System

Bryant Air Conditioner exterior viewMost households spend more than half their home’s energy costs on heating and cooling activities alone. This is not an assumption but comes from ENERGY STAR® findings. How much do you pay for heating and cooling? Do you know you can pay significantly lower? Here is a brief guide on energy-efficient air conditioning that can help you save a lot of money while keeping your home comfortable:

First Things First: Invest In the Right AC Unit

This is the very first and most important decision you need to make. Make sure you buy the best AC unit for your building and have it installed by professionals. If you are using an old, ineffective system, make sure you research extensively and work with professionals to choose the best unit for your new system.

Take Maintenance Seriously

Proper AC maintenance is also key to energy-efficiency. You want to make sure that your entire HVAC system is properly maintained if you want to enjoy a comfortable home and energy-efficiency.

Use Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer so many benefits, including energy-efficiency. You should certainly go for smart thermostats that will enable you to control your heating and cooling systems from anywhere. They are also affordable.

Understand Air Duct Performance

Cool air is moved to different parts of your home through air ducts. When these ducts are obstructed, their performance will be affected, making the main machine to work harder to cool your home. Air duct cleaning is super-important for energy efficiency.

Optimize Air Flow

In addition to proper air duct cleaning, there are several other things you can do to optimize airflow. Changing air filters regularly and implementing a few other tricks like the use of ceiling fans will help improve airflow.

Work With a Professional HVAC Company

There is a limit to what you can do to enjoy energy-efficient air conditioning at home or in a commercial setting. Working with a reputable HVAC company will improve your chances significantly.

An energy-efficiency air conditioning system will help you save a lot of money on utility bills. The tips given here and prompt AC repair will help you achieve that. Call us today at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning for your AC maintenance and AC repair in Jacksonville FL. Our services are affordable, quality, reliable, and prompt.

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