8 Air Conditioner Noises and What They Mean

AC Repair Technician serviceing AC UnitThe air conditioning system provides you a cool air with a nice heat relief, but often time the noise from your air conditioner is quite another story. A noisy, constantly loud air-conditioner may not have a problem. However, if you hear an odd sound from the air conditioner such as banging, humming, whistling, screeching, or rattling, it may be a symptom of the cooling system falling and heading for failure. The same is true with one who runs faster than normal constantly.

When your air conditioner is making noise, listening to the specific sound can explain what might be wrong with the equipment. This article itemizes major air conditioning system noise and what it means.

Whining and whistling noise

Is your air conditioner plagued by whistling and whining noises? These annoying sounds could signal the airflow problem. If parts of your AC device have been replaced piecemeal over the years, you can end up with pieces that don’t fit together well. The duct work, for example, could be too tiny for the air flowing through the device, which could result in a whistling sound coming from your air conditioner vents.

Filters Clogged. At some stage, air filters that are built to capture dust and other particles can get clogged. The airflow can be blocked when the filters reach efficiency, which will cause air conditioning noise.

Rattling and shaking noise

Usually, the rattling noises come from loose pieces of an air conditioner. Sections of the system that experience a lot of movement, like motors, can fall loose. Ducts can come loose, too.

Your noisy air conditioner may result from a loose shaking of one or more of the screws in your AC panels. In that case, all it would take is a screwdriver to quiet the rattling.

If a mounting screw has fallen loose, the air conditioner device itself can not be properly secured to its concrete footing. While weekend warriors may be tempted to try and fix your noisy air conditioner on their own, it’s safer to call a qualified AC professional to avoid contact with dangerous chemicals and high-voltage electricity.

Squeak, squeal, or screech noise

When you hear high-pitched sounds from your air-conditioner, have a professional AC look at the compressor and fan motors of your machine. These air conditioner noise types are often the result of un-lubricated bearings or slipped or damaged blower belts.

Loud rumbling noise

A buzzing sound most of the time comes from an electrical problem. When you hear a click-on sound, it may mean that your system relays or contractors malfunction. To fix this sort of air conditioner noise issue, contact an AC specialist.

Humming vibration

The fan of an air conditioner must be cleaned and kept clean regularly. A fan that is rattling or humming usually needs a thorough cleaning. This air conditioner noise could also be caused by a worn-out part in the fan, problems within the fan motor,  bent or shifted blades.

Hissing Noise

A refrigerator leak does cause a  hissing noise coming from your air conditioning unit. If this is the case, you can also find that the system runs more frequently and often does not work. It’s time to call in an AC specialist to search for potential leaks for your refrigerant fee, coils to lines.

Constant noise from Coil

Bent coil fins are capable of creating a moaning sound. If the coil fins get clogged with dirt and grime, the machine can operate less effectively, and end up running continuously as it fails to reach the set temperature. It can cause a breakdown if it is not attended to.

Just because you hear the noise inside the house, be sure to check your condenser device from outside. Twigs and other debris are not uncommon to get stuck in the fan of the condenser unit. Ensure that the area is clean of dirt and debris.

Poor design of the AC system

Since your AC system was installed, have you been plagued by too much air conditioner noise with the unit constantly turning on and off? If so, your room might be too big for the system. Or, high-quality noise reduction technology may not be equipped with this.

Ready for some peace, with better conditions for comfort and no more air conditioner noises? It’s time to schedule a visit to an experienced AC company to inspect and maintain the system. Get in touch with the expert AC repair and AC maintenance technicians at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today. You can trust them for a seamless replacement and installation at pocket-friendly prices.

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