7 Noises from Your AC System and What They Mean

AC Maintenance & AC RepairAn AC system in perfect working condition makes light noises. Sudden strange sounds or noises from your AC can be a nuisance. It usually means that the AC system might have a problem. Although an AC in perfect working conditions generally makes sounds, there a few noises that indicate a problem with the AC. Here are some of the noises:


  • Rattling noise could mean that means that your AC system is clogged by twigs, there are loosed screws or the AC is deteriorating.


  • Buzzing noises from your AC system could be a sign of an electrical fault. This electrical fault may affect the contactor relay switch, the condenser fan, or even a detached or loose wire. Electrical issues can be hazardous. Call an HVAC expert to inspect your AC system if it starts making buzz sounds.


  • Banging sounds coming from your AC system are a sign of loosed piston pin, crankshaft, or rod.


  • Hissing sounds from an AC system may a sign that’s a leak from the line or coil of your refrigerant. Refrigerants are responsible for cooling your home. If your AC system makes hissing sounds, you may need to address the problem on time because refrigerant leaks can be hazardous.


  • Humming sounds from your AC system implies that your motor is faulty. In most cases, it may not start, or it may work slowly.


  • Squealing sounds may be high-pitched or low-pitched. High pitched sounds from your AC system are a sign of high internal pressure, while low pitched squealing noise implies that the belt needs to be replaced. You need to turn off your AC system if your AC makes high-pitched squealing sounds and get a local HVAC expert to fix it.


  • Clicking sounds may be a sign that the electrical control or relay could have problems. An HVAC expert can inspect and fix it.

A noisy AC needs to be checked by a local HVAC professional because the noises are signs that the AC systems have issues. These faults can turn into something more serious. Additionally, regular maintenance can help to curb a noisy AC. Call Waychoff’s Air Conditioning today for your professional AC repairs and service.

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