5 Ways to Save On Your Heating This Fall

Air Duct Cleaning FilterAccording to statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy, heating your home accounts for approximately 29% of your energy bills. When the fall season arrives, keeping your home warm and cozy will require increasing the heat. Unfortunately, this means that you will even have to spend more on heating your home. Thankfully, there are various ways to save heating costs by making some lifestyle changes and fixing energy-wasting areas in your home. Read on to discover more.

Allow Sunlight Warm up The Room

  • During sunny days, you can use the sunlight to your advantage. Open up your curtains at the break of day and let in sunlight from precise windows facing south. Doing this would ensure the room gets warm without using any extra energy that would cost you some dimes. However, be sure to close windows and curtains towards noon to trap the heat while keeping the chill of the fall out.

Upgrade or Reprogram Your Thermostat

  • Furthermore, considering upgrading your manual thermostat to a programmable or smart one. These smart thermostats can be adjusted to automatically turn down your heating systems once you’re away. This also ensures that you don’t overwork your heating units. On average, using a programmable or smart thermostat can help save up to 10% on heating costs.

Ensure To Replace The Indoor Air Filter

  • This is easily forgotten, and that’s a pity because it is essential and helpful all year round and for every climate. The truth is, change and clean filters to anything, not just your HVAC. However, in the HVAC’s case, once the dust has taken the best part of the filter, it stresses the system and overworks it, that way using more energy.
  • If you work with a tight schedule and don’t always have the spare time for this, then set a reminder, a monthly or weekly reminder depending on your plan to change your air filters, to aid in keeping your system at an optimal level.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

  • Ceiling fans are not just to cool us down; they were also programmed to keep us warm. Naturally, our ceiling fans are set to turn counterclockwise during the summer. During fall or winter, you can program the fan to turn clockwise. Once programmed, the fan pushes down the warm air that had risen to the ceiling back into the room, once more saving us the cost of heating.

Regularly Service Your Heating System

  • The moment summer is ending could be the right moment to ensure the perfect function of your heating system, including your furnace, heat pumps, and heaters. Not only should the air filter be changed monthly, be sure to check if everything else is functioning correctly. If it needs an upgrade, get an upgrade immediately, do not wait until it’s too cold outside for comfort.


As a homeowner, it is important that you find different ways to reduce energy consumption and utility costs in your home. You can achieve this by upgrading to a programmable thermostat, replacing air filters, reversing ceiling fans, and carrying our routine maintenance on your heating systems. Waychoff’s Air Conditioning offers outstanding repair and ac maintenance services for your heating units. Call us today to get a quote.

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