4 Things You Can Do To Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

Attic Insulation blown inThe cost of maintaining a home is massive, not to talk about paying an electric bill. Also, running an AC for an extended period can lead to an enormous increase in the electric bill. This post will provide tips on saving costs on AC by helping it run better and saving you a little cash. Read on to find out these low-cost tips below:

Seal Doors and Windows

Leaving the windows and doors open will make you lose precious cold air. If you are not sure, run your hand through the windows and doors and check if there is any cold air leakage. Other options to save cost are to use mesh window screens, window films, and solar screens by blocking the sun before it reaches the house. However, ensure that your windows and doors are securely closed for effective operation.

Proper Thermostat Placement

The installation of the thermostat near the window or on an exterior wall can lead to premature kick and incorrect reading. You will need to hire a professional HVAC contractor to install your thermostat correctly. However, this could be an expensive option, and instead, use a smart thermostat for flawless operation.

Keep Up with Maintenance and Repairs

Regardless of the type of AC unit in your home, you wouldn’t save money on the bills if you don’t maintain your AC system. Replacing or cleaning filters once per month can reduce energy consumption up to 15%. Also, ensure that the outdoor AC systems are clear of grass, branches, and leaves.

Avoid Adding More Heat

Ensure that you don’t add more heat by performing activities such as using a clothes dryer or dishwater and cooking on the stovetop. Alternatively, wash dishes manually, hang clothes outside, and cook outdoors; do anything that can reduce heat to save money on AC by reducing the total temperature generated in the home.

Ensure that you apply these guidelines for 2-3 months and notice any significant difference. Low-cost and straightforward actions can enable you to make maximum savings for the entire year. Likewise, you can contact us at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning for your professional AC repair or AC service.

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