3 Advantages of the Amana AVZC18 – Variable Speed 18 SEER Heat Pump

amana air conditioner and heat pumpThe Amana AVZC18 – Variable Speed 18 SEER Heat Pump is a highly efficient heat pump featuring inverter technology. This cutting-edge heat pump comes with an in-built dehumidification system as well as a variable speed compressor for efficient and precise cooling. Also, the Amana AVZC18 is able to adjust its operations automatically and deliver maximum comfort while consuming minimal energy. Some advantages of the Amana AVZC18 – Variable Speed 18 SEER Heat Pump include:

Variable Speed Compressor for Reduced Power Consumption

Variable speed compressors are more efficient for your heat pumps and cooling systems. The Amana AVZC18 use state-of-the-art drive system to modify motor speed depending on air demand. When air demand is slow, the variable speed compressor reduces the motor speed, thus, reducing power consumption.

Efficient Cooling Capacity

The more efficient your heat pump, the lower the energy consumed, and the cheaper your monthly energy cost. The Amana AVZC18 features efficient cooling capacity measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Thanks to the higher SEER rating of the heat pump, the system is able to deliver greater cooling efficiency. With this, the Amana AVZC18 lowers operating costs and helps you save on electric bills.

Quiet Operation

In addition, the Amana AVZC18 operates with minimal or no noise. The system features a heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with a sound-control top. It has been engineered to reduce compressor sound, thus, minimizing operating sound.

There you have it! Above are some advantages of the Amana AVZC18 – Variable Speed 18 SEER Heat Pump. Today, heat pumps now offer an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces in areas with moderate heating and cooling needs. The Amana AVZC18 is a highly efficient, top-performance system with the quietest operation while saving energy.

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