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How to Install a Compressor Sound Blanket

Although air conditioners efficiently cool down your house, some models have an extremely noisy compressor. If you’re continually being disturbed by your compressor noise, you should know how to install a compressor sound blanket. It’ll reduce your noise up to 40% or more without affecting the performance of the compressor.

Items Required:

Steps to Changing the Compressor Sound Blanket

  1. Safety First

Before commencing the installation, it’s important to take all necessary safety precautions, such as wearing protection over your eyes. You should also wear gloves, closed toed shoes, and full-covering clothes and make sure that your children and pets aren’t in the vicinity of the installation to prevent hazards.

  1. Removing the Out Panel

You should remove the side and corner screws first with the help of a screwdriver. Next, you should turn the access panel screws one-quarter using a straight slotted screwdriver. Your AC unit might have single or two access panels depending on the brand. You should remove them both in the same manner to expose the compressor of the group.

  1. Installing the Sound Blanket

Remove the compressor blanket from the packaging as safely as possible. Make sure you don’t put any force as it might damage the unit. Next, wrap the sound blanket over the compressor unit in a clockwise direction starting from the left side. Slide the wrap to the base of the compressor body.

  1. Securing the Sound Blanket

After wrapping around the compressor, you should line up the slots of the blanket along with the suction line of the compressor. Secure the cover with the Velcro tape and make sure there aren’t any gaps of lifts in the strip. It’s important that the seam is strong and unbroken from any side for longevity.

  1. Fortifying the Sound Blanket

You should also cover the square box (terminal box) with the sound blanket as it won’t affect the functionality of the compressor. Make sure that when you are rounding across the compressor body, the second Velcro seam should align with the first one that you attached. Also, align the top of the blanket with the discharge line and put the blanket flat over it.

You can repeat the same procedure for installation of the sound blanket on other compressors as well.

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