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What You Should You Know Before Installing a UV Light in Your HVAC

If you didn’t already know, UV lights would provide a unique service to HVAC systems. They eliminate the mold and bacteria before it can reach the inside of your home living areas. UV lights also come in handy for when your coil may experience fungus growth over an extended period. UV lights in your HVAC system can make a world of a difference in your home’s atmosphere.

Which UV Light Do You Need?

Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong. Take into consideration the environment of your home, and make the best decision accordingly.

What You Should Know About UV Light For HVAC

Professional or Do-It-Yourself Installation?

Although there are HVAC manufacturers that are installing a UV light for air-purification, there will be instances where you’ll need to do it on your own or call a professional. Unless you know everything about UV lights and HVAC systems, it’ll be in your best interest to call a professional to ensure a successful installation.

With a quick phone call to Waychoff’s AC, one of our team members will gladly assist in this urgent task to ensure that our clients are consistently receiving the cleanest air possible. With poor placement, your UV light is at risk of becoming useless. In the right hands, however, you’ll be on your way to cleaner air in no time.

Waychoff’s AC

Our outstanding customer service has been the driving force for our company staying ahead of the competition. We know that our clients deserve to have a company that is reliable, reputable, and perform high-quality work with each task that is thrown in our direction. Waychoff’s AC provides upfront estimates, scheduled appointment times, and workmanship guarantees. With us, you can never go wrong; give us a call today at (904) 204-3214.

How Long Can You Expect Your Air Conditioner to Last in Florida?

Of course, with the proper repair and frequent maintenance, many air conditioning units can last for many years. However, because the residents of Florida experience unique weather changes throughout an entire year, there are a few more precautionary steps you can take to ensure that your system lasts for many years. So you wonder, how long do ac units last in Florida?

Maintenance is the Ultimate Key

We cannot stress enough how imperative it is to keep up with a proper maintenance schedule. This simple task could be the very thing that keeps your air conditioner working for over 20 years as opposed to shutting down around 8 to 10 years after installation. One of the most crucial things to remember is that your air conditioner is used much more often than other states. Seasonal tune-ups and frequent air filter changes will help elongate the life of your system.

You Have Ultimate Control Over the Longevity

Waychoff's New AC Equipment GalleryOn average, the systems in Florida last about 5 to 7 years less than other states because of the mere tropical climate we live in year-round. The humidity, heat, and sulfur and salt from storms all take a toll on your external systems. The summer months are terrible already and adding on that fact; your air conditioner is feeling the heat, too.

Take responsibility for the minimal tasks that can be done at home, like changing the air filter. No need to shell out money from your bank account to call a professional for something that is as simple as driving to your nearest hardware store, purchasing the correct filter, and replacing the current one.

Other Variables

Aside from the severe weather that the systems are put under on a daily basis, other factors come into play that can affect the life of the air conditioner. With numerous manufacturer’s producing AC systems more frequently than ever, the various components you’ll find within your specific unit may be better or worse than the next one.

The bottom line is, maintain your air conditioner and it will keep you feeling cool for many years! Florida can put your system through the wringer, but if you take a few minutes every few months to call Waychoff’s AC to give you an excellent maintenance AC service & AC repairs, you’ll be better for it!

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