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The different types of Air Filters!

The different types of Air Filters!

Air filters are necessary for a healthy air conditioner. Air filters will help ensure that you do not breathe any dust or debris, and it can catch other molecules like pollen.

The Types of Air Filters

Essentially, there are four different types of air filters you will want to know about: fiberglass, poly, pleat, and media

Fiberglass Style – Fiberglass filters have the lowest shelf life out of any other air filter. They are made from woven fiberglass and are usually only big enough to catch large dust particles, bugs, and other larger particles such as lint. Since it is so thin, it is much easier for it to tear than others and thus they are the cheapest.

different types of air filtersPoly Filter – Poly filters are a type of fiberglass filters. They are woven in a special design that reinforces itself and makes it much more durable than simple fiberglass weavings. Because of this it is much better at catching MORE dust than the fiberglass but is victim to a similar shelf life.

Pleat – Pleated air filters tend to cost a lot more than both fiberglass and poly. They offer a much higher level of protection with some studies even showing evidence that it blocks bacteria and mold. This higher level of protection is because it is a much higher quality product. With higher quality comes higher standards and we recommend getting one with an MERV-8 Rating.

MERV Rating – The MERV rating is the minimum efficiency reporting value. The scale goes from 1-20, but 8-13 tend to be the standard for most pleat air filters.

Media Filter – The media filter is basically an assortment of everything above. It has pleat, and fiberglass filters involved both of which have wire filters for additional support in different levels. The media filter has the highest shelf life and the highest cost.

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