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Ensuring Air Conditioning Efficiency during the Summer Months

As the temperatures start to go up, so do your air conditioning costs. This is true especially in the southern cities such as Jacksonville, Florida where summer time temperatures soar to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is a known fact that AC units are one of the largest energy consumers in offices and in homes.

Here is what experts in AC repair Jacksonville FL have to recommend for enhanced efficiency of your heating and cooling systems –

Intelligent Thermostats
Most air conditioning services in Jacksonville recommend that property owners invest in intelligent or programmable thermostats. These units can help lower your utility bills and also help reduce the burden on your HVAC system.

How do they Work?
Property owners can enter a schedule into the system which enables the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature. For example, an office and program the thermostat to keep the space cool during the day and warmer during the evenings where there are few or no people in the nights.

This way, owners are able to prevent cooling of empty spaces and reduce the burden on the HVAC system.

Does your AC Unit have Proper Ventilation?
Jacksonville heating and cooling experts state that without appropriate ventilation your system will have to work harder to cool your home. Furthermore, these systems have higher chances of experiencing breakdowns due to the increased workload. Overgrown bushes and enclosed areas cause ventilation problems.

What is the Size of your Unit?
Make sure that for your home based or commercial air conditioning in Jacksonville is properly sized. Using a larger unit than what is necessary is not going to cool your room any quicker. Professional HVAC service providers will be able to consult you on the right system for your space.

Checking your Windows and Doors
Make sure all the cracks around your doors and windows and duly sealed. Additionally, these small gaps can enable the cool air to escape and the warm air to enter your space. By making a small investment towards fixing these gaps can help reduce the burden on your AC units and your cooling costs.

In addition to this, remember to get your filters changed regularly by hiring reputed air conditioning services in Jacksonville. Changing your filters regularly can help unclog the system and enhance the efficiency of your unit. Furthermore, by scheduling a regular maintenance with professional HVAC repair companies allows you to prevent costly repairs in the future.

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