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NATE Certified

TRANE XR 14 Air Conditioner

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The TRANE XR14 provides exceptional, cool comfort for your customers. With a SEER that exceeds the new federal regulations minimum, the XR14 has many of the same technical advancements and innovative features as our top-of-the-line super-efficiency units, but at a price that'll appeal to a wider range of customers. And because the XR14 is so efficient, you can promise customers that a reasonable initial investment will yield substantial savings on cooling bills over time. As with all our products, the XR14s have proven themselves in the Systems Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) lab, where only the strong survive. That's something both you and your customers will be very comfortable with.

Reliable performance Better indor air Enhanced comfort Efficient operation
Precision engineering, design innovation and rigorous testing for reliable, long-lasting performance and durability.
Add a TRANE CleanEffects™ air filtration system and remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from the filtered air for a cleaner, more comfortable home. Add a variable-speed indoor unit with Comfort-RT to decrease sound and increase efficiency for better comfort and humidity control. Increased efficiency may substantialy lower your customers' home cooling costs.


= Industry leader and brand reputation
= Precision engineering
= Approved matched systems


= Quick-Sess™ cabinet
= Easy access to service valves


= Easy single-side access
= Easy top and fan removal
= Refrigerant components outside of coil
= Easy coil cleaning
= Roto-lock fittings/no brazing
= Standardized component locations
= Full-length control and service valve cover


= Efficient, up to 15.00 SEER
= Spine Fin™ coil
= Climatuff® compressor


= SEET tested
= Factory-in stalled liquid line filter drier
= Quality components
= Tougher validation and design criteria

1. Climatuff® compressor

Trane's Climatuff compressor has long been the standard for reliable operation. Whether the best-in-the-industry reciprocating or the new scroll design, you get superior durabillity, cost saving efficiency and low sound levels.

2. Full-sided louvered panels

22-gauge, galvanized steel, louvered panels serve to keep the coin clean while protecting the coil surface from demaging elements like leaves, tree branches hail and rambunctious neighborhood kids.

3. Baked-on powder paint

A finish that is virtually indestructible, even if the metal gets dented. 90,000 volts are applied to the paint as it exits the paint gun. The paint gives up its electrons to the grounded metal, resulting in a smooth finish. Maximum corrosion and chalk resistance. Eliminates sharp metal edges. Attractively blends with any architectural style and outdoor landscape.

4. © WeatherGuard™ fasteners

Tested in salt spray cabinets and in a weathering tester that simulates the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. Proven to prevent rust streaks from marring the finish.

5. Spine Fin™ coil

Engineered with internally grooved, all-aluminum tubes that stir the refrigerant and enhance heat transfer. Carefully designed to maximize the inherent efficiency, durability and low maintenance requirements of single-row radial tube heat exchangers. Fabricated in continuous lenghts with brazed connections only at the coil (or circuit) inlet and outlet. Eliminates return bends, resulting in dramatically lower leak potential.

6. © DuraTuff™ base pan

Manufactured to exacting standards. Will not crack, warp, corrode or rust.

7. Quick Sess™ cabinet with full coil protection

Allows easy access to electrical and refrigerant controls. Shortens installation and service time. Decreases unit downtime.

8. Compressor sound insulator

The sound insulator covers the compressor to diminish operating sound and create a quieter home environment.


We know that when you recommend our product to your loyal customers, you are placing your livelihood and reputation in our hands. We salute your expertise in delivering Trane technology and innovation to your customers - making their homes better places for living. You are the reason we can say "expect more from Trane."

Call or contact us today to schedule a heating or air conditioning repair appointment or call us if you have questions regarding our heating and air conditioning services, we'll be more than happy to assist you! We look forward to serving you! 904-638-1940