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Heating and Air Conditioner Repair, Service and Tune-up


1. Change filters on a regular schedule
2. Periodic maintenance; per Manufacturer
3. Keep grass & weeds away from Condenser
4. Put Bleach in condensate drain line.

Energy Star, recommends you maintain your equipment to prevent future problems and unwanted costs. Energy Star and most reputable manufactures advise you to have an annual pre-season checkup to keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance. Most manufactures warranties require you to have regular maintenance.

Why you need a Maintenance Agreement...

Don't Throw Your Money Down The Drain!

Waychoffs' Energy Savings Agreement cuts down on untimely breakdowns and unwanted costs. Waychoffs' ESAs keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance through the annual check-ups. The annual check-ups include a compilation of diagnostic and performance tests focused on the efficiency of your unit. Scientific studies, such as the one done by JEA, show that a dirty filter alone will cost at least an extra $240.00 a year on your electric bill (JEA factsheet #101 power for pennies). Air Conditioning manufacturers recommend annual maintenance to be done every twelve months to maintain the warranty.
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Energy Savings Agreements Includes:

  • Test and Clean Automatic Controls - Working Controls protect your system by shutting the system down when it senses an error.
  • Tighten All Wiring Connections - Loose connections inflict damage on key components.
  • Test for Proper Voltage - Improper voltage causes harm to your compressor.
  • Test Blower Motor for Proper Operation - Inappropriate airflow drastically lowers efficiency of the entire system.
  • Test Heat Strip for Proper Operation and AMP Draw - Damaged heat strips can cause extremely high electric bills.
  • Lubricate Motors as Needed - Insures the safety of all bearings in the motor.
  • Test Evaporator Coil and Advise of Condition - Dirty indoor coil can cause elevated utility bills.
  • Test All Safety Switches - Safety Switches are essential pieces in Automatic Controls.
  • Clean Condenser Coil - Dirty outdoor coil can cause excessive wear on the compressor.
  • Test Condenser Fan Motor for Proper Operation - Improper airflow lowers the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Adjust Fan Blade for Proper Alignment and Operation - Improper alignment causes destructive vibrations on the system.
  • Test Relays and Capacitors - Weak capacitors shorten the life of the components.
  • Test for Proper AMP Draw on Compressor and Fan Motors - Lets us know if component is operating properly.
  • Test Refrigerant Pressures - Improper charge can cause extremely high Utility Bills.
  • Clean and Flush Condensate Pan and Drain - Drain lines can clog and cause water to overflow in your home.
  • Test Coil Temperatures for Proper Cooling/Heating - Malfunctioning controls can cause premature wear on components.
  • Test System in Cooling/Heating for Proper Operation - Overall test of your equipment to ensure proper performance.

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